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Available for pre-booking since August 2022, an official launch has finally been confirmed for the MPV, as it joins Honda's lineup at the 2023 Motor Show.

09 Jan 2023 | Local News : Singapore

The return of the Honda Freed to authorised dealer showrooms made waves when the news broke in mid-August last year. Nonetheless, despite the clear storm of attention that followed, there was never really an official, grand launch - just showroom appointments and pre-launch bookings. 

Thankfully, all that is set to change this week. Kah Motor has confirmed that the Honda Freed will be given its due attention when it is officially launched at the 2023 Singapore Motor Show, thus joining the rest of the Honda lineup at the event.

The 'Fjord Mist (Pearl)' paintwork pictured here is one of eight colours that the Freed is offered with 
As previously reported, the compact MPV lands with its mid-life facelift, wearing Honda's 'New Solid Wing Face' up front while still packing the same utility inside and underneath. 

Two petrol variants will be available - the S7 and the higher-end E7 - both powered by Honda's 1.5-litre direct injection i-VTEC engine. Mated to a CVT, a class-leading fuel efficiency figure of up to 17km/L has been claimed for the car.

Beyond holding the coveted status of being manufactured in Japan, the new Freed is also being offered in eight colours, including a new baby blue pearlescent hue called 'Fjord Mist (Pearl)'. The car also comes with an exclusive five-year unlimited mileage warranty offered by Kah Motor, with terms and conditions to apply.

Wired Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay are standard on the car's 9.0-inch infotainment screen
Speaking on the car's official launch, Nicholas Wong, General Manager at Kah Motor, said the company was excited to add the new Freed to its lineup of Honda models in 2023, before noting the car's "thoughtful features which will accommodate three-generation-families". 

As standard, customers can look forward to LED brake lights and tail lights, Honda Smart Entry, and a 9.0-inch infotainment touchscreen supporting wired Android Auto and wireless Apple CarPlay. The car's multi-information display also features customisable ambient lighting. 

Additional luxuries such as dual-power sliding doors, built-in window shades for second-row passengers, and daytime running lights and active cornering lights are offered on the Freed E7. 

Naturally, pricing is what concerns most of us foremost. Kah Motor has announced that the Freed S7 will retail from $67,999, while the E7 will start from $72,999 - both excluding COE. The car's engine displacement and power output places it in Category A COE, for which a price of $77,000 separately applies (valid until 18 January 2023, 12:00pm). 

Car Model Price as of press time (excluding COE)
Honda Freed S7 1.5 (A) $67,999
Honda Freed E7 1.5 (A) $72,999

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