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The BMW Car Bimmer Meet is the second annual event held in Bangkok that hosts the largest gathering of BMW enthusiasts and their cars.

12 Feb 2018

Could this be it? Might the Bimmer century only start after 102 years from 1916 since it was founded to current times at 2018? That much longer than the late Thai King who was one of the longest-reigning monarchs in history? The question itself sounds preposterous.

The F90 M5 is boxed up at the event to pique the interest of the public
For one, there is the unrivalled Toyota - the carmaker that remains to be the strongest and best-selling brand in Thailand. For another, there is the traffic that is easily more jammed packed than any other countries in the world. But then there is BMW, who in the name of passion has brought owners together to ensure the love for their cars will never perish.

This is the second year of the largest gathering of BMW enthusiasts in Bangkok, Thailand. Dubbed the BMW Car Bimmer Meet, this annual event brings not just BMW enthusiasts and owners together to enjoy activities and share insights and tips about the brand, but also BMW cars from around the country.

In fact, there are more than 400 BMW cars present at the Bimmer Meet this year. The all new F90 BMW M5 is also here - boxed up at the BMW M corner as a sneak preview for the public before it sees daylight for the first time in Thailand end of Februrary.

But it’ll come as a surprise that the F90 BMW M5 isn't the only eye-catching car at the event. From the three-wheeled BMW Isetta and the classic favourite BMW 2002 Touring to the futuristic BMW i8 and the iconic BMW 8 Series, there is nothing you cannot find there.

The three-wheeled BMW Isetta is a one-of-a-kind Bimmer
Couple that with ample activities and food that's readily available and the hundreds of enthusiasts are happily entertained.

Not to mention, also happily entertained is this storyteller here. Wandering around taking pictures, there is nothing quite like the Bimmer Meet. It's down-to-earth, passionate, intriguing and most importantly of all, relaxing. Where most, if not all, big outdoor events usually get boring after the first half an hour, it's not quite the same with the Bimmer Meet.

The cooling weather and welcoming hospitality of the Thais certainly play a part. The enthusiasts will even introduce you to their cars and let you sit in them to familiarise yourself with the classics. Some specifics such as the prices and age of the cars aren't forthcoming, but delve deeper with the owners and you'll come to realise that they all have one thing in common: Talking passionately about the brand or even doing something to support the event to ensure it continues for many more years to come.
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