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Curious about what's been different since our *ahem* widely-publicised change of ownership? Here's a guided tour of the place we now call home.

07 Dec 2022

For close to 20 years, Sgcarmart called Ubi its home. It wasn't easy, but the budding company - still unheard of in 2004 - plugged a gap…

Okay, fine. We know you don't want the corporate speak. So let's cut to the chase, shall we? 

Before we dive in - this is how our lobby looked like just three months ago 
Yes, Singapore's largest automotive platform got a new boss last year. Along the way, we also got a new office. Because we're quite excited with how it looks (especially because we were there to witness it in its pre-renovated state), we've taken some time to document every bit of it. 

Now, we're taking you on a guided tour of it with us.


So you've taken the lift up from Lobby D of New Tech Park…

What greets you now when exiting the lift: An entrance concept conveying dynamism and motion
As you stop at Level Four and the doors swoosh open, what greets you immediately is the new company logo, still in the same company colours of red and black (it's - ahem - 'Sgcarmart' now by the way). 

Right underneath, firstly, is a reception counter with a twist. LED panels cover the front-facing part of it entirely, screening clips conveying a sense of motion. The four meeting pods (not booths) behind them - the ones that look straight out of a sci-fi movie? Those take inspiration from wind tunnels.

In this fresh chapter of Sgcarmart's persisting position in The Book of Singapore's Automotive Space, the dynamism and motion evoked by this entrance concept are emblematic of how we are constantly on the move - pushing forward and into new frontiers. 

To the left, you'll also see a green wall with the words "Let's go!".

The green wall also features our own version of an automotive-part-repurposed table!
Unfortunately, we didn't have a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow from the 1970s to spare, so guests in this waiting area get conventional (but very comfortable) chairs instead. What you will find, however, is our version of an automotive-part-repurposed table, featuring tyres in place of a V12 engine block. 

We’re well aware that the transport landscape is in the midst of tectonic shifts as the pressures of climate change intensify. Rather than dread or run from it, this is a daily reminder to ourselves: Of the immense role we will play as mobility solutions are increasingly made more sustainable in the future.

The entire place is actually a loop; you can go through either the left or right, and come out via the other side anyway. But trust us - there's more to see on the right, so let's go through that door...

…and look left, right, then left again before proceeding.

Your first point of contact when taking the right entrance of the office: The pantry 
Take your first proper steps into the Sgcarmart office and among the first things you'll see are a traffic light to the right, and just up ahead, white stripes on the ground, meant to emulate a zebra crossing.

Don't ask us which car the painting on the wall is supposed to take after - the general reference was just a sporty coupe. Here, we'll also take the chance to reiterate that we're impartial when it comes to all car brands, anyway.

Straight on just beyond, indisputably, is everyone's favourite part of the office: The pantry (just kidding - we love our own desks the most since we're all hardworking and dedicated employees, aye?).

More than 200 multi-coloured diecast comprise this stunning feature wall at our lunch area 
The warmth felt here is multi-dimensional, not just because it's where we unwind ourselves and welcome guests. Rather, the large windows also allow natural light to flood in, while intentional tone choices were made for the lights hanging from above.

Speaking of what's hanging from above, plants growing out of tyres may induce question marks at first, but take them as abstract visual metaphors - they're once again reminders of our commitment to the move towards green mobility. 

Of course, the party piece here is the first feature wall you'll come across: More than 200 diecast cars stacked on top of each other in a see-through glass display. 

Again - don't read too much into what models are featured (or not); diversity and colour were the goals, and if you're here to see it yourself, it's likely you'll also be giving yourself some time to admire and take it all in.

Alright then, let's hit the road now...

Always on the move: The corridors intersecting the office were designed to mimic roads
…because that's literally how we make our way down through the office. 

Short, thin white slabs divide and punctuate a carpet that’s the same colour as tarmac, cutting through the corridors intersecting the office.

For context, the media team sits right at the corner too, so we're 'on the road' a lot whenever we need to refill our bottles (say 'No' to excessive plastic bottle usage!) or answer nature's call.

Meeting room names here pay homage to the motor belts and car marts familiar to us all 
To put a light-hearted spin on our homage to the motor belts of Singapore, even the nomenclature of the meeting rooms has been deliberate.

Names include 'Queensway', 'Leng Kee', 'Alexandra Rd', 'Turf City', and last but definitely not least, our beloved old home, 'Ubi Ave'.

If you've been following us closely (and for that, thank you), you'll know that we've teased some bits of the office already.

With the office laid out in a 'H' shape, two feature walls flank the middle horizontal portion.

Each half of the office gets its own feature wall - comprising various painted over car components 
We managed to salvage some bits from a scrapyard for these magnificent displays, mixing all manner of car components painted over in white and then put together. Included here are alloy wheels, an alternator, a brake pad, and suspension springs (among others - the list is too long for us to get into everything.)

Car parts feature in another feature wall elsewhere, in a different manner. 

In this connecting middle area, a full-length, full-height mural brings the space to life with an aggressive splash of colour. A landscape of cars and people is painted against Singapore's skyline where, naturally, the automotive theme continues. 

'Where's Wally', for car parts: The mural integrates little details (like a side and rearview mirror here)
This is a good time to play a game of 'Where's Wally' but for car parts: A speedometer, a side and rear mirror and a car's interior have all found their way onto the wall. 

Since the mural also denotes Sgcarmart's identity as Singapore's most trusted vehicle platform, our new corporate logo is also incorporated into one of the tall buildings on the left.

If it feels as if the painting feels free-flowing (with a tinge of innocent child-likeness), you're right. The youthful vibe is deliberate, and everything ultimately calls back to its title, 'Freedom of Movement', which itself is inspired by our corporation mission to "provide the best choice for all pursuing the freedom of movement".

On a more serious note…

Blast from the past: We may have shifted homes and management, but the dedication remains 
It's hard to believe that Sgcarmart has been in the industry for 18 years now. Starting out independently as the passion project of our three founders as they barely had one foot out of university, we're thankful to have grown in the way that we have. 

Taking residence in Level 7 of Automobile Megamart (AML), then expanding upwards to Level 8, we were there when Wall Street crashed in 2008 and COE premiums plummeted to $2.

As we settle into this lovely new space now in New Tech Park, we're still here and going strong in 2022 as premiums scale unprecedented heights - aching alongside the rest of Singapore, but still unwavering in our love for cars. 

We're proud and thankful for how far along we've come - and even more determined to make the next chapter even more remarkable
'Unwavering' applies to our dedication to the automotive space in Singapore too. Beyond being the indisputable leader in new and used car listings, Sgcarmart provides a diverse array of services to its users now too - and this is just the beginning.

To watch the space transform feels somewhat symbolic of the company's journey thus far since its nascent, start-up days in 2004. 

From the sight of hanging wires, the smell of drying paint and the clanging of ladders, to the feature walls, playful references, and of course, excitement of coming together to relentlessly refine the work we do - the next chapter’s going to be just as exciting.

Just wait and see.

(We'd also like to thank One Centum Pte Ltd. for the amazing work they've done to bring our new home to life, as well as Mural Lingo for the beautiful and thoughtful wall that we now have as the centrepiece of our office.

P.S. Here's a closer look at the entire journey taken by our work space - from its pre-renovated state, to the joyous day of our grand opening.)

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