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Whether you're a new or experienced driver, Singlife Car Insurance gives you peace of mind by offering the lowest NCD penalty in the industry.

The car ownership journey in Singapore is a long one. You'll spend quite a bit of time earning your licence, and after that's done, you must still contend with high COEs that can distort car prices.

Once you've gotten yourself a set of wheels, though, it's the running costs that occupy your mind. Petrol prices, parking charges and maintenance expenses start to add up.

Then there's car insurance. If you're like most drivers, you probably view insurance with some dread, knowing that you need it, yet hoping that you'll never have to make a claim. Naturally, comprehensive insurance is the best way to go.

Nobody wants to even think about making a claim, because this is usually the result of a mishap. And knowing that you're about to be penalised by losing your No-Claims Discount (NCD) just adds to the stress of it all. But it doesn't have to be this way.
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Life is unpredictable

An accident is just that - an accident. Nobody intended for it to happen.

Even if nobody is injured, an accident is an extremely distressing experience. From the moment it occurs, everyone involved seeks closure, and as consumers, we expect our insurance company to have our back.

And they do for the most part. Yes, you pay an annual premium in return for a specified amount of coverage. But if you get into an accident and make a claim against your policy, two things will happen.

First, you'll have to pay the excess amount, which is charged the moment you file a claim. Second, if it is determined that you're at fault, your NCD will be reduced the following year.

Ouch. These rules may be in the contract, but it still hurts both you and your wallet. Everyone from the least experienced to the most skilled and attentive driver makes mistakes. Shouldn't you be given a chance?
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Singlife is different!

That chance is exactly what Singlife is offering to drivers. Unlike other insurance firms that slash your NCD by a whopping 30%, Singlife reduces it by only 10%* with every claim made.

With a much lower penalty, your premium is less likely to increase or be impacted when you renew the policy the following year. If you remain accident-free, it will be easier to earn back that 50% NCD to save you a bundle.
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How does it work?

Let's say you suddenly got into an accident while you still had the maximum NCD of 50%. Other insurers would dock you the industry standard penalty of 30%, which means you will be left with only 20% NCD when you renew. With no accidents during this renewal period, you can increase your NCD back to 30%, as your NCD increases by 10% every year if no claim is made.

With your Singlife insurance* though, it will be much faster to get back up to a 50% NCD.

After that same accident with coverage from Singlife, the penalty will only be 10%, so you still have 40% NCD. Subsequently, with a 10% increase if you don't make any claims during the renewal period, you will be back up to the max NCD much quicker!

So not only is your penalty lower, you may end up saving even more on your next renewal as your NCD is one of the factors that determines the amount of premium you pay.
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In a nutshell
That's not all. If you avail of the optional NCD Protector Rider (available for policyholders with NCD claims 30% and above), your NCD will be protected for one claim during the insurance period. No deduction!

Another benefit that Singlife offers is that if you did not cause the mishap, you won't have to pay excess charges up front** when filing a claim. Stressing over the accident and the need for repairs is already bad enough, so one less expense is always welcome.
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Drive with peace of mind

Car ownership can be costly, but it's also incredibly beneficial. And to truly enjoy the fruits of your labour - those hours spent learning to drive, and saving up for that down-payment - it's all worth it when you're able to drive wherever you want, whenever you want.

The best way to continue enjoying your ride is to have peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel. With Singlife Car Insurance, you'll be confident knowing that if anything should happen, they've got your back.

Save big on car insurance this month with Singlife! From now till 31 December 2022, enjoy up to 35% off^ your premium. Get a quote now.

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* Excluding the Motor Lite plan
** If you are involved in an accident with identifiable Singapore car(s).

^T&Cs apply. This policy is underwritten by Singapore Life Ltd. Sgcarmart is not an insurance agent/intermediary and cannot solicit any insurance business, give advice, recommend any product or arrange any insurance contract. Please direct all enquiries to Singapore Life Ltd. Protected up to specified limits by SDIC.

Information is accurate as at 5 Dec 2022.