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We are a company with over 20 years of history in the automotive parts and accessories market.

The Driven Dealership is affiliated with our other business DRIVEN. You might have seen our products being sold in all Petrol Stations for the past 20 years. In hindsight, we sure have been around for a long while.

Being true to our Honda lineage, we deal only in Hondas; we are true Honda specialists. Studying, modifying, racing, stocking new Honda parts for sale are part of our daily routine and now, we parallel import them for sale to provide the best Honda experience for our customers.

We welcome like-minded enthusiasts to swing by and chat with us. Hope you too, can enlighten us on The Power of Dreams.
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Prices Updated: 18-Oct-2023
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Honda Civic Hatchback 1.5 (M)
Honda E Electric Advance 35.5 kWh (A)
Honda N-Box Custom L Turbo (A)
Honda N-Van Petrol 660 Turbo Style Fun Honda Sensing (A)
Toyota GR86 2.4 RC (M)