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Kia Carens 2.0 GDI (A) Review

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This is an old car model that is no longer for sale by the local distributor since Apr 2016.
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(launched 2015)

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2.0 GDI (A)
$112,999 (Sep 2016) spacer
12.6km/L 164 bhp 6-speed (A)
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Kia Carens
4 stars - based on 9 reviews
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Kia Carens 2.0 GDI (A) Review
The Kia Carens has always flown under the radar in its segment but the latest model aims to change that with stylish new looks and innovative technology.
9 Consumer Reviews

Excellent pickup and lovely design `
I test drove the Carens 1.7L SX version last weekend and bought it a few days later. I got to see the Carens by chance as I was looking for another car. I was curious and after the first drive was really impressed with the level of interior fitting, design of the car, flexibility of the second row seating and to top it off, the punchiness of the 1.7L turbo engine. Design I love the chrome accents on the door handle and other parts. I think the front grill looks great and the car is well proportioned. The third row with this mid sized MPV is squeezy, but that's to be expected for a car in this category.... I wouldn't use it for anything more than a 30 min drive, unless the passenger is a child. I also like the 6 airbags, roof rails and massive sunroof! The 3 seats in second row are independent of each other and can be configured to allow 2 baby seats with room for an adult. Soundproofing Right from the start, I noticed how heavy the doors were. This goes against the grain of expectation for an "Asian" Car. The feel of it was very European instead. I liked how the wipers wipe from center outwards, and how well insulated the car seems from sounds outside. I've driven its competitor in this category, BMW 216d, and thought the engine was quieter with the Carens. Engine Out on the road, the Carens pulled off quite effortlessly when overtaking. Only issue was a bit of vibration and the engine seemed to scream when I floored it a bit. But for normal traffic and driving within the speed limits, the clatter of the diesel engine was barely noticeable. Even from outside, the engine seemed really quiet. The brakes worked well with no screeching when I had to brake suddenly at the change of traffic light. And for an MPV in this class, you'll be hard pressed to find an alternative with similar build and detail, for the same price elsewhere. The competitors are simply priced a lot higher. Although more expensive than the EX model, the SX had more airbags and the Sportskit. The dealer threw in a touchscreen console and window tinting too.
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Best value of its class `
Test drove the diesel version, qashqai, Renault kadjar and fluence. Carens torque wins them hands down. Booked it before the cny. Reasons why I chose Carens over other make n model 1) Its the cheapest 7 seater mpv. Full specs and safety feature. 2) 6 Advanced air bags compared to 2 in the EX model . Not normal airbags. It will calculate the weight of the Pax to see to deploy it anot. Very child friendly. 3) 2nd row seats are in 33% Proportion and adjustable individually forward and angle. Can fit 2 car seats and the adult can sit in the middle with the seat pushed forward so all can sit comfortably 4) even tho the 3rd row is quite squezy for adults, with the 2nd row middle sear folded down and pushed forward, their legs can still stretch out. So total 6 adults can sit comfortably 5) full moon roof. Lots of light making the car less castrophobic. 6) fold up tray for the 2nd row 7) rear aircon 8) most parts are not plastic. When u touch it, it's spongy and leathery 9) FC damn good and it's diesel!! 10) the torque is 340 for a 1.7l!! Can hear the voom voom when u accelerate, not those empty acceleration noise Look at other Japanese mpv, higher price and lesser specs and plastic finishes. Most imptly, they are all petrol car.
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It blew me away! `
Went for a test drive at Leng Kee this afternoon. Being a 2007 Carens owner, I was eager to find out the "Acclaimed" Improvements that I heard many people talking about. I must admit I am a die-hard Carens fan, no matter how bad the fuel consumption is. The space and comfort just can't be rivaled in anyway during that period of time. I was introduced to the Carens SX 1.7 DCT (diesel) which was totally different from the lower spec-ed 2.0 Carens Petrol. It came with extra goodies that were not found on the petrol model such as Panoramic Roof and the special DCT gearbox. During the drive, I heard absolutely no diesel clatter from the cabin. Noise insulation was top notch, interior materials were soft touch and refined. Gone were the days of the fuel guzzler that KIA is well known for. Though it sounded like a taxi when you are outside the vehicle, that is not too important because you can't hear it when you're inside! Power delivery was good, throttle response was quick and car felt nimble. It certainly brought a smile to my face when I heard that it had been one of the best selling models since its launch!
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No-frills budget MPV `
The Carens is a little family-carrier if you're not looking to ferry 7 pax all the time. It is a very comfortable ride for 5, like most compact MPVs. Handling is good and I prefer to keep the steering in sports mode. Good stock brakes. Did an e-brake at amber lights. Brake was clean with short braking-distance (as compared with another MPV). The 3rd row is pretty cramp for an average adult because the back of the roof is slightly tapered, probably for aerodynamics. Cluster-phobics will not like it. The gearbox, although is Auto 6 speed, doesn't really feel like one. Car infotainment is quite outdated on a new model in the market.
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