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Standard Range Plus RWD (A)
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- 6.9km/kWh 321 bhp Single Speed Fixed Gear
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Performance AWD (A)
(w/o COE)
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- 6km/kWh 506 bhp Single Speed Fixed Gear
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Price updated 24-Sep-2021

Tesla Model 3 Electric
5 stars - based on 2 reviews
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The wonder of the century
We have had this car for 3 weeks. It has been trouble free, fast and fun. The simplistic interior is fantastic. We have also taken two long trips in the car, not an issue at all. Tech is outstanding. Cons are Tesla has not been building vehicles for 100 years and it shows. It has more road noise than it should, fit and finish lacks versus other manufacturers. Others have a long way to go to match Tesla in electric cars, Tesla has a short way to go to match others in building CARS.
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No regrets
The Tesla has a bit more wind noise and you feel rough roads a bit more than our 2013 Lexus ES. The interior of this car is not as nice as similarly priced luxury cars at this price point. The fit and finish isn't quite as good as a Mercedez, Lexus, BMW or Audi as far as exterior and interior. However, the driving functionality and infotainment system is amazing. After a few days driving you quickly forget about small mis-alignments only visible if you go over your car with a fine tooth comb. With the Tesla you are paying for the drivetrain tech/battery and infotainment system tech, free OTA updates etc. These things are far superior to Mercedes and BMW ICE cars at a similar price point IMO. There's honestly nothing like this car. It puts a smile on my face every day I drive it. Seriously, just go test drive one. I used to be skeptical, but I think all of my cars from now on will be Teslas. The instant torque and regenerative braking make this thing handle like a supercar. The slowest one goes 0-60 as quick as a stock muscle car. It's legitimately insane. If you get the Performance version, it's basically the quickest car under $200k. Did I mention the acceleration? Because wow.
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