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The Subaru Outback is a slice of simple luxury

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Subaru sweeps crossover SUV segment in U.S.A

Cat A and Cat B slip while Cat E climbs

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(launched 2021)

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2.5 i-Touring EyeSight (A)
$173,800 spacer spacer
$15,500 /yr 13.7km/L 185bhp Lineartronic CVT (A)
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Price updated 12-May-2021

Subaru Outback
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Subaru Outback 2.5 i-Touring EyeSight (A)
The all new Subaru Outback gets the latest EyeSight 4.0 with Lane Centering Function, blurring the lines between assisted and autonomous driving.
Awesome Eyesight system!
If you're looking for something that will keep you safe on the road, this is it. Eyesight system works great: The car keep within lanes no problem so you can just relax on the highway, and yoou even get automatic braking when pedestrians run across the road.
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Subaru has stepped up
Outback is indeed a very special car that looks very different on our roads. But one thing that has improved is their interior. A very expensive feeling car inside. The Eyesight system is also very intuitive. So far, one of the best assist systems I've come across. Low NVH, comfortable, but it feels underpowered.
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Looking a little jaded
In search of a replacement for a sedan, I had decided on either a SUV, Crossover or a wagon. At about the same price point of about 160K there are quite some options amongst the SUV and Crossovers but few wagons. The German and Swedish ones are beyond the budget. However the Outback was in the range, I had test it when it first came out some 5 or 6 years in this iteration and found it quite a decent option but the look was not there. It has a rugged exterior but the latest model though longer and wider don't look very different form ots predecessor. However the interior is very nice with Nappa leather and a Volvo like vertical screen that was large and friendly to use. The drive is comfortable and being 4 wheel drive and steer, Subaru handling is never in question. Comfort levels are good but engine noise filters in. It will be an easy car to live with and those who own one grow to appreciate its virtues, so few in used market. The eyesight tech offers good safety but did not have the chance to test that! Overall a very good car but unfortunately it's look doesnt take your breathe away!
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SUV too boring.. get this is better
Always thought the older outback was quite cool, was basically a jacked up version of the legacy with a flat-6 NA engine. Very unique car. New car is a big step up. Went for a test drive and i am impressed by the refinement and cabin materials. Very relaxing drive with very little noise and vibration. Overall is a nice drive. Only thing is that is not so powerful compared to many turbo competitors these days, even tho the outback never had turbo back then either. Fuel economy also but it is expected from Subaru car. Drive it normally, with normal throttle input is ok.
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