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spacer spacer Submodel Price Depreciation  Consumption Power Transmission Detailed Info
Standard Range Single Motor 69 kWh (A)
$230,000 spacer Down
$22,700 /yr 6km/kWh 228 bhp Single-speed (A)
Specs | Features 
Long Range Dual Motor 78 kWh (A)
$272,000 spacer Down
$25,700 /yr 5.2km/kWh 402 bhp Single-speed (A)
Specs | Features 

Price updated 07-Feb-2023

Polestar 2 Electric
4 stars - based on 5 reviews
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Car Review - Polestar 2 Electric Long Range Single Motor 78 kWh (A)
The Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor may not be as powerful as its dual motor brethren, but the electric car scores high on form and function.
What We Dislike
Automatic Intervention Rear Auto Brake safety feature is abrupt and inaccurate
Comparison - Polestar 2 Long Range Single Motor vs Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus
5 Consumer Reviews

Best value luxury electric car in the market `
Driven the car for a month now. At 200k (after overtrade), this car is really the best value luxury EV in the market currently. It is well-built like a Volvo, good equipment level incl premium sound system, memory seats, auto tailgate, sunroof and GPS on the dashboard. For those who are considering the T brand, I think if you are not a tech junkie and still prefer to drive a conventional car, then the Polestar will work better for you
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Most Dynamic Stance, Excellent Road Presence `
On the road presence front, the Polestar 2 outshines the Tesla with a He-Man like musculature, leaving the Model 3 to take a "Skeletorious" Exit. The one thing that intrigued me most in the EV space is that EVs were supposed to match supercar performance figures... Quietly. While most mass market EVs inched like serving robots at Din Tai Fung, only Tesla and Polestar had respectable performance. I love seeing the Polestar 2 on the roads. It commands massive respect, it closes gaps instantaneously. It turns even the most hoonish of BMW 3s into defeated male lions. If you see a Polestar 2 in your mirror, just give way. In one moment you see it, and next moment it is ahead. Tesla people on the other hand, while extremely common on the roads, drive ever so slowly that you could overtake them in a Kia. I have no idea why Teslas are so reluctant to hoon. The Polestar 2 however is the best cutting machine I have ever driven. Given its size and effortless acceleration, its the closest thing to replicating the experience of others giving way when driving a blaring ambulance in traffic. While overall it has a much better build than the Tesla, the interiors are more familiar of the vehicles we are used to. Swedish minimalism? Nope, Tesla is way more minimalist.
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Good build. Poor package. `
Overall a nicely built car. Better built than T brand but the drive is incredibly boring. It is not bad but just feels far from the showroom video. Its a boring family compact crossover. Acceleration is linear, not jerky. The one pedal drive is among the worst ive driven against other EVs, guarantee passenger will vomit. Only driveable if switch off the one pedal totally. The range is mediocre considering competition and actual useable range puts it firmly as a city driving car. Rear sitting is very small, anyone above 1.72 will have a hard time getting in or out. The seats are firm but not comfy. Outlook is handsome.
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Fast and handsome enough to make you want to go electric `
Polestar's showroom is still under construction but you can already head down to 45 Leng Kee to ask for test drives. And you should.
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