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Rule change allowed car buyers to access bigger loans

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EV Hub Pte Ltd
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(launched 2024)

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63.2 kWh (A)
$145,988 spacer spacer
- 6km/kWh 134 bhp Single-speed (A)
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Price updated 13-May-2024

Aion Y Plus Electric
5 stars - based on 1 reviews
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1 Consumer Reviews

A solid contender for anyone shopping for a brand new car in 2024 `
Had the privilege of test driving the Aion Y Plus Electric on its launch day. Approached the car with a lot of doubt looking at its humble figures and providence but was looking to experience the rival to the surprising popular atto3(which i find to be a poorly thought out car) But boy did I eat humble pie. The car firstly is lavishly equipped with not only the usual big screens and technologies one would expect from the premium German and American electric model but does not have any obvious scratchy plastics and I was greeted with bright colors and soft touch materials. (In fact I believe its the only car in its class which offers dual tone interior colors as standard - similar to an rolls). The rear legroom in particular was what left me stunned. As a 1.84m, i could cross my legs with ease and had ample headroom even with the front seat set to my preferred driving position and the front seats can be folded down to turn the whole car into a personal lounge. As an avid driving enthusiast who is a person who swears by internal combustion and somewhat of a brand snob. I was massively impressed by its suspension tuning during my short test drive where it handled bumps and undulations with ease and stayed compliant during fast bends. The car also has adjustable steering from near weightlessness to go-kart miata like stiffness which gives you confidence to throw it around the corners or just effortlessness in going from A to B. The suspension may not be a key factor for many Singaporeans who are generally brand conscious but having driven many cars, this has the ride comparable to cars from the 3 pointed star. Power wise the figures don't suggest much but no ICE can hold a candle to the responsiveness and would beat most cars to the next stop light and is plenty enough for Singapore. For downsides to the car, it would be its looks but they have been slowly growing on me the past week similar to how I hate most BMW designs initially but would grow to like it after 3 months( exception for the first 2 series active tourer). The launch price makes this car too tempting an offer which I may have to pull the trigger on….
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