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The Smart Concept 1 near-production study is said to herald a new generation of all-electric cars from the brand, so it could actually be quite huge.

09 Sep 2021 | International News : Germany

Smart has revealed the Concept 1 at the IAA Munich International Motor Show. The compact SUV concept is said to provide a glimpse of what Smart's new generation of all-electric vehicles could look like.

Painted glossy white, the Smart Concept 1 is recognisable as a Smart, yet an impressive statement of the brand's transformation.

Large panoramic glass roof further adds to the sense of space in the cabin of the Smart Concept 1
Balanced proportions, a powerful sculpture, and short overhangs at the front and rear define the proportions of the concept vehicle.

At the top, a large panoramic glass roof sits, wrapped in a striking ring of light. Frameless doors also make the roof appear to float above the body.

To provide contrast against the visual lightness of the top, the bottom of the car sports striking design elements in anthracite and black, adding the necessary ruggedness expected of an SUV. The concept's 21-inch wheels also help here.

On the inside, the Smart Concept 1 offers space claimed by Smart to be on par with vehicles from higher segments, thanks to a purpose-designed battery-electric vehicle architecture that places all four wheels at the far corners of the vehicle.

12.8-inch infotainment unit comes with an avatar that utilises artificial intelligence to further aid users find the necessary functions
Sophisticated details such as the ambient light integrated into the vehicle floor, or the extremely elegant air vents, underline the premium appeal of the new smart model generation.

One of the design highlights in the interior of the Smart Concept 1 is its centre console, which floats between the front seats and merges seamlessly with the unique dashboard design. The central control element is the free-standing 3D touchscreen with a 12.8-inch display.

A three-dimensional globe here serves as the control touchpoint for the free-standing 12.8-inch 3D touchscreen touchscreen. The infotainment unit houses an artificial intelligence-equipped avatar that will help users navigate through its menus and functions. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this virtual companion constantly learns from the user's behaviour and can thus adapt increasingly to their individual preferences.

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