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The team has travelled over 32,00km in seven continents around the world in a vintage Porsche to help put an end to child trafficking.

26 Dec 2021 | International News : U.S.A

65-year old Renee Brinkerhoff and her Valkyrie Racing team have disbanded from South America to celebrate the holidays after completing the amazing feat of travelling on all seven continents in one car, completing nearly 32,000km all in an effort to end child trafficking.

Not only did they accomplish driving 570km across the treacherous blue ice of Antarctica, in a re-engineered 1956 Porsche 356A, but they became the first to do so in a vintage car, giving their message a voice heard around the world.

The Porsche 356 was modified with skis in order to traverse the treacherous blue ice of Antarctica
Tens of thousands worldwide have followed their journey which began in 2017 beginning with the first endurance race of Project 356 World Rally Tour at Mexico's dangerous La Carrera Panamericana.

Antarctica and its extreme conditions signified the definitive spot to make their voice heard - even in the deafening silence of its raw beauty and brutally cold temperatures, there was no denying their voices would be heard.

And despite every obstacle, from a near two-year delay due to the pandemic, to significant mechanical challenges during their week-long highly anticipated expedition, nothing could hold back this team of five as they sojourned on to their goal.

Renee and her daughter, Christina Brinkerhoff, through Valkyrie Gives grant 100% of every dollar contributed to vetted NGOs doing frontline work around the globe for victims of child trafficking, in areas of Mongolia, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, Thailand, India, Kenya and others. 

All are approved projects that will positively impact the lives of children at risk.  Since the Foundation's inception in 2017, and specifically through the Antarctic program, Valkyrie Gives has now raised more than $755,000.

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