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500 units of the electric supermini (which has a WLTP-rated range of 337km) are in the pipeline, out of which 200 are set to hit our streets by year-end.

26 Sep 2022 | Local News : Singapore

It appears that three-door, four seater-only hatches won't be the only cars one can rent from BlueSG soon. 

For the first time ever, car-sharing company BlueSG has announced that it is diversifying its fleet of cars with another model: The Opel Corsa-e.

Out of the 500 units planned, 200 are set to hit our streets by year-end 
The news was first broken last week through an official report by The Straits Times, then teased again by the company itself through its Facebook page with photos of the new car in its signature blue-and-white livery. Up to 500 units are in the pipeline, out of which 200 are set to take to the streets by year-end. 

The addition of the Corsa-e is likely to open BlueSG up to a wider range of users, given the added practicality it offers over the Bolloré Bluecar - currently the only model available in the fleet.

For starters, the Corsa-e comes with rear doors and five proper seats, making it more usable for (small) families. But just as importantly, the supermini is likely to go further on a single charge, while also providing faster charging than the Bluecar. In Europe, the Corsa-e is listed with an official WLTP-rated range of 337km. Its 50kWh battery can also go from a zero to 80% state of charge in just half an hour, via 100kW DC charging. It is unclear if more branded charging stations will be built by BlueSG.

The Opel Corsa-e's 50kWh battery offers up to 337km of range, as well as fast-charging at up to 100kW
The move comes as car-sharing picks up speed in Singapore, and although the competition is stiffening, BlueSG remains the only firm on our shores with a fully-electric fleet. 

Expectedly, the Corsa-e will be more expensive to rent than the Bluecar in the future, but BlueSG has stated that it will keep prices for both models equal for an introductory period.

Here's a fun fact as well: The Mokka-e and Zafira-e Life are the only passenger BEV models offered by local Opel distributor, Auto Germany - meaning that the only way one will get to drive the Corsa-e in Singapore (for now) is via BlueSG.

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