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Wiesmann has opened the order books for Project Thunderball, what it claims is the world's first all electric luxury roadster.

28 Sep 2022 | International News : Germany

Wiesmann's ground-breaking all-electric roadster is now available to reserve. From today, customers are now able to register an interest for Project Thunderball to secure a place on the customer reservations list.

Each Project Thunderball will start at $415,000 with deliveries to start in 2024
Project Thunderball, what the brand claims is the world's first all electric convertible roadster, will be crafted from carbon fibre, weighing in at little more than 1700kg.

Project Thunderball's mere weight of 1,700kg makes it possess remarkable agility and precise handling capabilities.

Prices will start at $415,000, with the first customer deliveries on track to begin in 2024.

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