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The 115-year old Czech company has released the Bohema, which weighs in at a meagre 982kg with its full carbon monocoque chassis and utilises Nissan GT-R power.

27 Nov 2022 | International News : Czech Republic

Praga, an automotive company that is now 115-years old, has revealed its new road legal hypercar, the Bohema, in pre-production prototype form.

The Bohema is a sub-1,000kg, mid-engined two-seater that Praga claims is capable of on track performance that targets GT3 race car lap times on its semi-slick Pirellis.

Praga claims that the Bohema will be capable of on track performance which targets GT3 race car lap times
Despite its performance, the car is still able to maintain a level of comfort and practicality which is sufficient for road trips.

A carbon fibre monocoque makes the Bohema a featherweight, weighing in at just 982kg, while its Nissan GT-R six-cylinder twin-turbo engine ensures reliability, ease of servicing, and the potential for further performance tuning.

Praga's friend and Ambassador, former F1 and current IndyCar driver Romain Grossjean, was also involved in the development of the car. He remarked about the car's seamless transition from road to track whilst delivering extensive sessions on the six-kilometre Slovakia Ring circuit in recent testing.

The Bohema utilises a carbon fibre monocoque
The Bohema also gets extensive aerodynamic touches, providing over 900kg of downforce at 250km/h, and a top speed of just over 300km/h.

Despite having much attention paid to the car's aerodynamics, aesthetics were still an important consideration in the design of the car.

For example, high quality machined Praga Gold painted duraluminium (hardened aluminium) details are present, which include door hinges and a tow hook featuring an integrated rear-facing camera.

The interior will boast smart ergonomics which allow seating for two full sized adults
The interior boasts smart ergonomics which deliver a narrow, aerodynamically honed cockpit, yet seats two full sized adults with a fully adjustable driver's seat, steering wheel, pedals, generous luggage space, aircon and generous rear visibility.

The Praga Bohema is entering the final few months of development with road and track programmes planned in the U.K., Europe, Middle East, and the Slovakia Ring home circuit.

Production of the $1.8 million hypercar is scheduled to begin in the Czech Republic in the second half of 2023, with just 10 cars initially scheduled for 2023 production.

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