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The first Bentley Batur coupe development car has started its trials across Europe, with the development program including 120 individual tests over 58 weeks.

05 Dec 2022 | International News : U.K.

Bentley has announced that its Bentley Batur has begun road trials across Europe. Following its debut at Monterey Car Week in August 2022 and attendance at numerous events for Bentley customers, global media and the public, two development Baturs are now starting a programme of tests to ensure the highest standards of vehicle performance and quality.

The validation activities include durability for both the engine and the whole vehicle, environmental compatibility, sunlight simulation, high speed stability, aerodynamics, noise and vibration, and driving dynamics.

The Batur will go through numerous durability tests
More than 120 individual tests in all cover everything from the quality of the surface finish of the gold 'organ stop' ventilation controls, to the new W12 engine hardware and software. Over 58 weeks of vehicle validation have been scheduled across the two pre-series cars.

The first activity for Car #0 is an extensive 2,500km drive across Europe to simulate real world conditions. The route leaves Germany and travels through Italy, France and Spain before high speed testing work is undertaken at proving grounds.

At the proving grounds, Batur Car #0 will begin seven weeks of durability work on handling tracks, mixed road conditions, high speed testing and harsh surface conditions. During all of these activities, data and feedback are collated to ensure that the technical targets are being met.

After proving ground work is complete, the Batur will still have to go through another 7,500km of real world driving 
When the proving ground work is complete, another 7,500km of real world driving will be undertaken before environmental testing commences. In just under four weeks, the car will endure 600 hours of solar loading, which is equivalent to five years in an Arizona desert.

This is a particularly important test for the new sustainable materials used in the exterior components, as an alternative to carbon fibre.

By the time the first customer deliveries begin, over 810 unique parts will have completed 160 weeks of testing and development.

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