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Exhibiting its widest lineup of electrified vehicles to date at the show, Nissan will debut the two cars alongside a facelifted version of the Kicks e-Power.

10 Jan 2023 | Local News : Singapore

The Nissan booth is promising to be thoroughly electrifying for visitors as the countdown to the 2023 Singapore Motor Show shortens. Three fresh cars set to make an appearance, among which two highly-anticipated models will grace our shores for the first time ever. 

The first gleaming star to look out for is the all new, all-electric Nissan Ariya, built atop of the Alliance-developed CMF-EV platform. Referred to by the firm as a 'luxury coupe crossover', the Ariya's Motor Show arrival will also mark its first appearance in all of South East Asia. Concurrently, Nissan is set to launch its new electrified brand identity in the region with the car. 

Nissan will launch its new electrified brand identity in the region with the two new cars 
We don't have technical details yet on the Ariya, but the crossover is offered in international markets with Nissan's e-4ORCE four-wheel drive system. Its most efficient variant can apparently cover up to 610km on a single charge. 

The other towering star that is sure to be the subject of many a camera flash is the fourth-generation Nissan X-Trail. Also debuting at the Motor Show, the mid-sized SUV is being offered here with Nissan's e-POWER hybrid powertrain for the first time. 

Now further improved in its second generation, the e-POWER system fundamentally relies on a combustion engine powering a generator to produce electricity, which then powers motors in the car. 

The X-Trail e-POWER also features Nissan's e-4ORCE four-wheel control technology
Nissan says the X-Trail's twin-electric motor system will deliver an instantaneous yet smooth electric drive, and claims that the system produces close to 500Nm of near-instant torque. Still, it doesn't present drivers with the need to plug in - perfect for those still not convinced on the switch to full EVs. 

Likewise, the all new X-Trail will feature Nissan's e-4ORCE electrically controlled four-wheel control technology. (Be sure to check out Nissan's cool ramen delivery video explaining how the system works if you already haven't.)

Alongside the two fresh models, Nissan will also be showcasing the facelifted, 2023 Nissan Kicks e-Power at its booth. The trio will be joined by other electrified mainstays from the carmaker's, including the all-electric Leaf, mild hybrid Qashqai, and Serena e-POWER and Note e-POWER

Altogether, the cars form the widest electrified lineup Nissan has presented local buyers with to date.

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