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From a nappy changing unit at the rear to the custom-made seat tidies, the Alfa Romeo Tonale Edizione Bambini comes with a host of child-friendly features.

30 Mar 2023 | International News : U.K.

Alfa Romeo has unveiled a new special edition Tonale, designed for the stylish family.

It's called the Tonale Edizione Bambini ('bambini' being Italian for 'children'), and accordingly comes full of features designed to make travelling with children easier.

The backs of the front seats come with tablet holders as well as storage space for snacks and a drinks holder
Designed by Alfa Romeo U.K., these features include, for a start, a nappy changing unit, which comes integrated into the car's 500-litre boot.

Alfa Romeo cites leading baby product brand Huggies here, stating that 86% of parents have had to change their baby's nappies on the move, including while being in the car. The nappy changing unit fits under the parcel shelf of the car, where it can be simply slid in or out, ensuring no compromise on boot space.

Speaking of which, the boot of the car also comes with an organiser. Featuring a concertina design that allows for easy stowage when not in use, it will allow users to storage a range of products to keep both children and the car clean, including a boot cleaning brush, leather cleaner, tissues and wet wipes.

In the boot, the Tonale Edizione Bambini gets a slide-out nappy changing station
In the cabin, the car comes with custom-made seat tidies, shaped to fit against the contours of the driver's and front passenger seat.

These house several storage spaces including a drinks holder, bento box for snacks and a rattle-free pen holder, and also come with protective panels designed to help them maintain their premium finish, even if your children of fond of kicking the front seats.

The backs of the front seats of this special edition car also get tablet holders, so children stay entertained on longer journeys.

And the Alfa Romeo Tonale additionally gets an in-car baby monitor, which can be connected to smartphones via an app for use by front seat passengers and can be positioned for both front and rear-facing child seats.

Finally, the car also comes with a six-litre, touchless bin which is secured to the footwell behind the centre console, while a car vacuum is stowed on the boot floor and charged via the integrated 12V socket, all designed to make cleaning up easy, even when on the move.

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