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The First Car-Sharing provider, Car Club, now offers increased convenience with a growing range of safe and clean cars to meet your needs.

25 Nov 2021

With the ever-rising COE, and thus car prices, it makes little sense to own a car these days. It is especially so if you do not need one on a daily basis, but rather, for those weekly errands and family outings.

While some might suggest public transport, it really isn't a direct replacement to private car usage - with a car all to yourself, you can transport loads of groceries with ease and you can drive wherever you want. You can also ferry your family around in comfort and safety, with minimal exposure to crowds in the current pandemic climate. With Car-Sharing, you'll get total control, along with lower costs if you need to get to multiple destinations - perks that even Private-Hire services and taxies wouldn't be able to match.

With Car Club Car-Sharing Services, you'll get to enjoy all things a private car offers, but with minimal costs incurred.

A bigger and better fleet than ever

Car Club's wide range of vehicles includes the pet-friendly Everyday Utility Van
Car Club has the widest selection of cars among Car-Sharing providers here, from easy-to-drive hatchbacks, family-friendly compact sedans, to large and luxurious MPVs, you name it, and Car Club will probably have one to suit your needs.

Apart from the cars provided, another key component to a great Car-Sharing experience is the locations where you can pick up a car.

Car Club has ample Car-Sharing stations located all around Singapore, and these are strategically located at many HDB estates, MRT stations and commercial buildings to facilitate the ease of usage. To find the nearest Car-Sharing station, you can simply find it on the Car Club app.

Car Clubbers are now able to access selected WhizzCar vehicles at their stations!
Car Club is always looking into improving the experience of its pool of over 21,000 'Car Clubbers', and now, it is partnering with WhizzCar to further expand its offering and reach.

Anticipating the surge of demand of Car-Sharing as a safer, and convenient alternative transport, the partnership will see Car Clubbers gaining access to selected WhizzCar vehicles at their stations.

To access WhizzCar's vehicles, Car Clubbers can book them on the Car Club A.I. powered app that they are familiar with. The same rates and promotions that Car Clubbers have been enjoying are applicable to their WhizzCar booking as well!

Safe and affordable transport in today's pandemic climate

Car Club's fleet is regularly cleaned and disinfected with QAIS Clear
Having a private vehicle allows you to distance yourself from the public, adding comfort, convenience, and in the current COVID situation, an additional layer of protection.

To ensure the safety of users, Car Club has increased the cleaning frequency of its fleet. QAIS Clear, a revolutionary product by Sunstar group, Japan, is used to disinfect, sanitise and deodorise the interior of Car Club vehicles. This product can also be used on your hands.

Additionally, all Car Club cars are also equipped with anti-bacterial air fresheners to provide a safe and comfortable environment.

In recent times, Car Club has also introduced Car Club LITE - a fleet of Toyota Altis that is now offered in the Economy Category (from Plus Category), to frequent users with additional savings during this difficult period.  

The safer and smarter choice

The recently introduced Car Club LITE offers additional savings for Car Clubbers
Owning a car, with all costs considered is an expensive choice here. Opting for Car-Sharing might make much more financial sense, especially with a provider such as Car Club Car-Sharing Services, where you'll get to choose from a large variety of cars and tiered pricing to suit your need for the occasion.

From now till 30 Nov 2021, Car Club will lower its Basic, Lady and Value Plan rates, give a 50% discount on its Rewards Store, and downgrade selected vehicles from their respective categories.  A slew of ongoing promotions is also in place.

Please check Car Club's Facebook and Mobile App (Google Play/App Store) for more updates. Terms and conditions apply to all promotions.

Download Car Club's App (Google Play/App Store) and use the promo code, 'CCSGCM' for a $20 discount for your first drive!

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60 Paya Lebar Road #06-43 Paya Lebar Square S(409051) (map)

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9am - 6pm (Mon - Fri). Car-Sharing is available 24 hours.




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