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The TowMe app simplifies how you call for a tow truck during an emergency, offering value-added roadside assistance services at an affordable price.

15 Mar 2022

Nobody wants to get into a situation where a tow truck's services are needed, but what's worst, is to not have any idea about how to get one when you need it. Chances are, you wouldn't even have the number of a tow truck operator saved in your phone if it's the first time you need one.

And even if you do, the process might be a little more complicated, and costlier than you expect. You see, even if you manage to contact a tow truck driver that is available, you still have to somehow describe the exact spot that you are at, to him (good luck if it's in the middle of nowhere). Prices can also vary due to the circumstances - midnight surcharge, vehicle type, etc, which brings about some ambiguity. This is where TowMe comes in with the aim to revolutionise the towing industry to benefit both tow truck service providers and drivers.

What is TowMe and why you need to download it

The TowMe app was developed with the intention to simplify the process of getting roadside assistance
The people behind TowMe have been in the car repair industry for a long time and often work with tow truck companies and drivers. Naturally, they've noticed the little hiccups and inefficacies that frequently occur.

With a workshop operator background, the TowMe team has noticed how there isn't any way to know when a car that was being towed will reach their premises, and hence making arrangements can be a tedious task. Customers have also faced long waiting time as the tow truck drivers they engaged might currently be situated at the other end of Singapore.

Furthermore, due to varying circumstances, the pricing of tow truck services tend to vary, which might come as a shock to unknowing drivers.

As such, the TowMe app was developed to simplify the entire process of acquiring a towing service to ensure a pleasant experience for all parties involved.

How does the TowMe app work?

Similar to ride-hailing apps, TowMe utilises smartphones' GPS technology to pinpoint locations
Do you remember how making a phone call was the only way to order a pizza, then websites and apps like GrabFood came along and everything is simply a few taps of the screen away?

Well, TowMe works similarly, instead of calling a tow truck and trying to describe where you are stranded at, you now have an intuitive and easy app to use.

Like how you book a Private Hire Vehicle, TowMe uses the GPS function of your smartphone to easily pinpoint where you are, you just need to confirm the start point (where to tow your car from) and where to tow your car to. Likewise, while the tow truck is making its way to you, its live location will be shown to you through the app as well - no surprises.

To start, you just have to download the TowMe app, and key in your vehicle information (this facilitates your future bookings by giving the tow truck driver all the information they need). After which, you can simply make a booking like you would with a Private Hire Vehicle, you can then select the service you require from a menu with clear prices indicated.

TowMe offers a wide range of services to get you back on the road

Aside from towing, TowMe also offers various roadside assistance services
TowMe offers towing services of all kinds, to cater for all sorts of cars, be it a front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive car.
You can even book a premium flatbed towing service to transport your precious supercar to the workshop for servicing!

However, TowMe also offers more than just towing services, you can also get a full range of roadside assistance services using the TowMe app.

Should you encounter a tyre puncture while driving, TowMe is able to perform an on-site flat tyre replacement service. Yes, an actual tyre replacement done without the need for you to drive to a shop!

TowMe is able to replace your car's tyre, right at the side of the road!
If you walked to your car only to realise it won't start, fret not, jump start and on-site battery replacement services are also available at affordable price points to get you back on the road in a short time.

The TowMe team truly considered every situation that drivers might face on the roads - it even offers locksmith and road side refuelling services! With workshops and towing partners in Malaysia, you can also use the TowMe app when you require a tow while driving in Malaysia!

Low, transparent prices and guaranteed service quality

Likewise, roadside battery replacement services are also available at a reasonable fee
TowMe believes in absolute transparency in a bid to offer satisfactory services to its users. The pricing for all services are indicated clearly within its app, and should there be any additional charges required for unique situations, all payments will be collected through the app (users will have to link their credit or debit card to the app), with clear records of payment.

TowMe doesn't just serve as a convenient platform for you to obtain towing services, it also helps to uphold a satisfactory standard - tow truck drivers have to reach the user within 45 minutes, drivers who are late will also be penalised.

All prices are clearly indicated within the app for absolute transparency - no nasty surprises here
A total of four photos will be taken by the tow truck driver before and after the service, these photos will remain accessible within the app, to serve as a reliable point of reference for both the user and the towing partner. Saved within the app along with these photos are all the relevant information, such as the invoice, conversation history, location and the date and time where the service was rendered.

Should you face any issues, TowMe also has a 24-hour hotline to assist users, and will also step in to mediate and find a solution for the user should there be any discrepancies during with the service rendered.
Want a FREE one-time towing + $60 credits? Enter referral code 'TMSGCM' when signing up for TowMe to enjoy this great deal!

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