Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 060+

Made in Japan
FREE $30 Fairprice Voucher + Wiper with Purchase of 4 Tyres

Dunlop flagship tyre, for high-performance premium Cars, CUVs, SUVs.

Pattern Design

New asymmetric pattern for excellent Dry & Wet performance.

Water Evacuation Grooves
Reduce hydroplaning and provide stability & control in wet road conditions.

High Stiffness Shoulder Blocks
For optimum road contact, provide high braking force & cornering grip in dry road conditions.


New tread compound for Long Life and Dry & Wet performance.

New Compound
With Sustainable Silica Dispersion Agent, increases tyre life without compromising dry and wet performance.

Sustainable Silica Dispersion Agent
The adoption of the natural "Sustainable Silica Dispersion Agent", allows for stronger bonding between rubber and silica while also preventing the clustering of silica particles. This in turn allows for an increase in the overall amount of silica included in rubber compounds in order to provide superior performance in terms of both wet grip and wear resistance.

Moreover, since the agent is diverted from natural products, it also contributes to a reduction in environmental impact.

Thanks to the new pattern and the new compound, MAXX060+ achieved EU Label Wet Grip "A" grade for all sizes.

"Nano Black" Lettering

"Nano Black", a new design technique for a deeper black sidewall colouring, improves the Visibility & Appearance of Tyre Engraving.

Bringing the joy of owning genuine Dunlop tyres to genuine motorists.

Performance Comparison

Tyre Sizes

205/55R16 94W
215/55R16 97Y
205/45R17 88Y
205/50R17 93Y
215/45R17 91Y
215/50R17 95Y
215/55R17 94Y
225/45R17 94Y
225/50R17 98Y
225/55R17 101Y
235/45R17 97Y
235/55R17 103Y
235/65R17 108W
245/45R17 99Y
225/40R18 92Y
225/45R18 95Y
225/55R18 102Y
235/40R18 95Y
235/45R18 98Y
235/50R18 101Y
235/60R18 107W
245/40R18 97Y
245/45R18 100Y
245/50R18 100Y
245/60R18 105V
255/35R18 94Y
255/55R18 109Y
225/45R19 92W
235/40R19 96Y
235/55R19 105Y
245/35R19 93Y
245/45R19 102Y
255/35R19 96Y
255/40R19 100Y
255/50R19 107Y
255/55R19 111W
275/35R19 100Y
275/40R19 105Y
235/55R20 102V
245/35R20 95Y
245/45R20 103Y
255/35R20 97Y
255/45R20 105Y
255/50R20 109Y
265/50R20 111Y
275/30R20 97Y
275/35R20 102Y
275/40R20 106Y
275/45R20 110Y
275/50R20 109W
275/45R21 110Y
295/35R21 107Y

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