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The first buyers are now visiting Hethel to collect their Emiras, where they can go on a factory tour and expect a revealing of their very own car.

02 Dec 2022 | International News : U.K.

Customer collections of the Lotus Emira from the Hethel factory where it's built have now begun. The first recipient, Shaan Kodituwakku, travelled from his home in Edinburgh to pick up his V6 First Edition Emira, finished in Hethel Yellow.

Factory Collection is an option for all Emira customers in the U.K., and can be specified during the online 'check-out' process that completes their purchase through the Lotus Drive platform.

The Factory Collection is an option for Emira customers in the U.K., which can be specified during the online 'check-out' process
It includes a fascinating tour of the Chapman Production Centre, the new assembly halls created as part of a $164 million overhaul of Lotus' U.K. facilities. The walkaround delivers access to the manufacture and hands-on assembly of the car, offering a factory floor experience. 

The tour is followed by the reveal of the customer's new vehicle, plus a comprehensive handover workshop where the Emira's features and technologies are demonstrated. The finishing touch is the presentation of a framed image of their Emira as a souvenir of the day.

Shaan remarked about his excitement during the reveal of his very own car, and commented that the Emira looked better in person than the photos and videos that he had viewed previously.

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