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Under a new 'FREUDE by BMW' brand presentation phase, the pop-up will feature workshops with creatives and showcase the BMW XM for the first time in Japan.

07 Mar 2023 | International News : Japan

Residents and visitors of Tokyo have something to look forward to for the next one month if they also happen to be fans of BMW.

For the first time ever, the German marque has opened a pop-up gallery right in the heart of the Japanese capital city - in its Harajuku district - which it says promises to combine fashion, art and car design in a unique manner.

The pop-up will also showcase the BMW XM in Japan for the first time, which BMW says was taken as inspiration for the design of the space
Across the next month, visitors of the gallery can look forward to workshops with artists, an exclusive VIP lounge, as well as collaborations with fashion labels and creatives "from a variety of backgrounds", including Harajuku-based fashion store GR8.

The space will also host the first showcase of the BMW XM in Japan, the first high-performance model exclusive to BMW M with an electrified drive system. Interestingly, BMW says the pop-up was influenced by its bold exterior styling, as well as the "progressive luxury ambience" of its cabin.

The car will take centrestage in an exhibition at the pop-up titled 'FREUDE by BMW - CONNECTED THROUGH TIME'. Here, visitors will be able to experience aesthetic highlights blending the fields of fashion, art, design and automotive engineering.

In case you're not in Tokyo at this time to catch the action, fret not. BMW is promising to keep the pop-ups coming in the city, with more to come at other locations in the third quarter of 2023 and in 2024.

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