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With its skilled and knowledgeable technicians, Han Revolution is well-equipped to satisfy all your air-con servicing needs.

18 Jan 2018

In our hot and humid climate, the car's air-conditioning system might just be the most important component for many drivers. There's nothing worse than having to sit in the daily PIE traffic jam from home to work (and the other way back), and have a faulty air-con system blowing warm air at you.

The workshop can now accomodate an extra vehicle
That said, it's probably also one of the hardest working components in the car - after all, it's basically always on, and has to consistently pump in cool air along with drawing warm air from inside the cabin and dissipating it outside of the vehicle.

Thus, it's no surprise that there are numerous car workshops that provide air-con servicing.

Fulfilling all your needs

Since its inception in 2007, Han Revolution has grown from a freelance operation offering car modification services to a full-fledged workshop with a comprehensive range of services.

Han Revolution is probably most well-known for doing bodykit modifications, but it actually provides a wide suite of services to cater to all its customers' requirements, including air-conditioning servicing.

Having spent over 10 years dealing with a vast variety of car makes and models, ranging from bread-and-butter Japanese cars to high-performance European models, the mechanics at Han Revolution possess deep experience in conducting maintenance for different car models.

The workshop also is equipped with the relevant tools and equipment for conducting air-con servicing and maintenance, including diagnostic tools and flushing machines.

Expanding its space and base

Han Revolution also carries a wide selection of car accessories
Having recently undergone some renovations, the Han Revolution workshop can now accommodate an additional car thanks to extra space created.

This allows the company to better service the loyal base of customers that it has built up over the years.

On top of body kit modifications, along with air-con and basic servicing, Han Revolution also offers a wide variety of accessories, including a wide choice of sound systems. 

Within an increasingly competitive industry, Han Revolution has focused on delivering maximum value and quality to its customers.

Instead of trying to aggressively court new customers by slashing prices or through other marketing means, Han Revolution instead consistently looks for ways to better serve its customers through offering a better and wider range of services, allowing customers to regularly come back for all their automotive needs.

To cater towards the later crowd and individuals with busy work schedules, Han Revolution also operates with longer operating hours, open from 11:00am to 10:00pm daily (except on Tuesday, when the workshop is closed). This is especially catered to working professionals who can only head down to the workshop during the evenings, as many of such people cannot take time off work to visit the workshop during the day.

Han Revolution is located at Northstar @ AMK 7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #01-02 Singapore (569880). For more information, please visit its website. Alternatively, you can call 8298 2360.
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7030 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 #01-02 Northstar S(569880) (map)

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11am - 10pm (Mon - Sun) Closed on Tue




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