Buying a used car can be a risky business. But what if we could take away the risk?
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Buying a used car/pre-owned car comes with many perceived risks. Sgcarmart Buysafe is a new service that mitigates all that risk and makes the used car buying experience more enjoyable.

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Cars are expensive, which rings truer with COE premiums imploding in 2022

While brand new cars feel unattainable for most people in Singapore, used or pre-owned cars make more economic sense. However, the more affordable alternative comes with different worries and risks.

"Why did the seller set this car at such a low price? Is there something wrong with the car?"
"What if I buy over the car, and it starts causing me problems after a year or two?"
"Why is the mileage so high? Is it a PHV car?"
"Will the dealer/seller add to the listed price for modifications or parts in which I have zero interest?"
"The listing indicates that this car is accident-free. But is it accident-free?"

These are some questions or doubts you'll have at the start of your used car buying journey. It's only natural. We've all been there. 

Now, what if there was a service that could mitigate all the risks or doubt you might have? Wouldn't that be awesome?
One-stop online purchase

Sgcarmart Buysafe takes out the hassle of the used car buying process
In this digital day and age, we make most of our purchases online. From groceries to food to technological gadgets. So why not cars? 

Sgcarmart hired a team of associates to help guide you through the car-buying process.

From mentally draining endeavours like price negotiation (within a reasonable range), to transfer of ownership paperwork and even vehicle handover. 
Price Transparency

The price you see will be the price you get the car for - guaranteed no surprises at check out!
We conducted numerous focus groups before launch and found that consumers rank 'hidden costs and fees' as one of their top three dislikes when checking out.

With Sgcarmart Buysafe, the quoted price is the final price. There will be no further increment (or reduction) in the price of the car.

Fret not! Our associates will do their best to get the best for you.
Best trade-in prices

There are certain things that used car dealers look out for before giving you a quote for your car
As Singapore's number one automotive site, we have a network of over 500+ dealers who want your car*.

You'll get the best trade-in price for your car, which you can then use to offset the downpayment for your next car and bring down that monthly repayment, loan and financial commitment! 

*Based on the popularity of the make and model of your car. We have an entire article on how to get used car dealers to pay more for your car, if you're interested to find out more.
Pre-purchase inspection

Every car will undergo a complimentary 188-point inspection before it can be a certified-Buysafe car
All parts of a car go through wear and tear as they age. It’s one of the many inevitable facts of life, very much like the human body.

But fret not, we will conduct a mandatory pre-purchase inspection for every car under the Buysafe badge. This inspection uncovers any major engine or gearbox defects to prevent users from having a sour experience after taking over ownership of the car.

Once you've agreed on a price for the car you want, we will send the car for the inspection with no cost on your part. It's a complimentary service we provide so that our customers feel safe.
Escrow payment

With a customer-centric approach, Buysafe protects you before anything or anyone else
Transfer of ownership to you comes first. Payment to the dealer follows.

Upon successfully confirming the transfer of ownership, we will release the payment to the dealer.

Buysafe guarantees a secure transaction with the customer as the focus.

We exist to protect you (and your money).
Trusted dealer network

There's no need to worry about lemon law with Sgcarmart Buysafe
Our associates work tirelessly daily to bring more dealers on board for the Buysafe program.

When you buy a Buysafe car, you are guaranteed that you will not have a sour used car buying experience. This new initiative mitigates as much risk as possible so you can buy a used car with zero worries!

Just remember: If it's a Sgcarmart Buysafe car, it's a safe car to buy!

You may view the current list of Buysafe cars here.
Buy Pre-owned Cars Online, Worry-Free!
Sgcarmart BuySafe makes buying pre-owned cars a smooth sailing experience. Say no more to hours spent at the dealership: we make buying a car online possible!
  • One-stop online purchase - we'll settle your loan, insurance & paperwork
  • We negotiate the price on your behalf & protect you from hidden fees
  • Choose from a list of quality cars offered by our trusted partners
  • Road worthiness inspection service & test drive

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