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Hyundai has launched the limited edition Santa Fe Endurance Edition in commemoration of a history-making drive by Sir Ernest Shackleton's great grandson.

21 Apr 2017 | International News : U.K.

Hyundai Motor U.K. announces the launch of a highly-equipped sport utility vehicle perfect for those who consider every drive an expedition - the Sante Fe Endurance Edition. Sitting at the top of Hyundai's range, it celebrates a recent history-making drive by Patrick Bergel, the great grandson of legendary polar explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton.

In December 2016, Bergel completed a 30-day expedition in a near-standard 2.2-litre diesel Santa Fe, driving across Antarctica from Union Camp to McMurdo and back again, commemorating the centenary of Shackleton's heroic Trans-Antarctic expedition of 1914-16.

This was the first time a passenger vehicle had ever traversed the Antarctic continent and the standard 2.2-litre Santa Fe used by Bergel featured only a handful of modifications to counter the tough Antarctic conditions, such as the fitment of large, low-pressure tyres, a 250-litre fuel tank and a pre-heater for the cold. To commemorate this incredible achievement, Hyundai Motor U.K. will make just 500 Endurance Edition models available.
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