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7,178 cars sold last month

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Confirmed price in 1 working day
Confirmed price in 1 working day
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Higher than trade-in price
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The two conventional methods of selling a car are selling to a used car dealer or to a direct buyer.
But, you can also consign your car to an agent to negotiate and handle the paperwork for you.

There is no hard-and-fast rule as to which method is the best as it's all based on personal preference. That is why Sgcarmart offers you three ways to sell your car:

  1. Post an ad on our used car listings.
  2. Sell-by-bidding via auction to 500+ dealers in Singapore.
  3. Consignment partners who will help you sell your car.

Yes you can sell your car to a direct buyer! All you need to do is Post an Ad on our used car listings which has the highest online traffic in Singapore.

Your car will then be listed as a 'direct owner sale' and interested parties will contact you directly to arrange a viewing or negotiate a price that you want.

You can list your car till it's sold and once you've found your buyer, Sgcarmart Connect will provide free handling of paperwork for your transaction.

Selling your car by consignment allows you to retain legal ownership of the vehicle while an agent will market, sell and handle the paperwork for you.

You can also choose to leave your car at their showroom or continue to drive until its sold. It is a hassle-free and efficient process.

Sell-by-bidding (via Sgcarmart Quotz) is our proprietary auction system with 500+ used car dealers in Singapore.

Once we list your car in the system, the bidding process will commence and you will receive the highest possible offer in the comfort of our lounge.

If you accept the offer, you will get paid immediately and you can even choose to hand over your car in two weeks time.

The car valuation is an estimated price car dealers will take in your car for. Sgcarmart Quotz will base the car valuation on our database of dealer's selling price (after deducting a small profit margin).

The valuation only takes into consideration the registration date of the vehicle and not other factors such as mileage, accidents, faulty parts.

We will inform you of your car value by phone call, SMS, whatsapp and email within 1 working day.

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