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Decided to try Blackvue dashcam since it is one of the few brands that offer 60FPS recording which in my opinion is the more important ...  Read More
Category: Car Accessories
Just got my callipers sprayed Their work are top quality. The price matches the quality. - Ocean, Owner of Audi A3 Sportback SMW97--T  Read More
Blackvue is my favourite Dashcam, I been using it since 2010 if I am not wrong. I just bought the new dr750x 3plus for my mercedes too....  Read More
Category: Car Accessories
Just bought the camera recently and I felt that the application was very easy to use. The picture quality was great too and can see nea...  Read More
Category: Car Accessories
Good product at reasonable price, the installer is knowledgable despite his young age. Good workmanship and able to configure the set...  Read More
Michelin Pilot Sport 4 offers me excellent grip in both wet and dry road conditions. Feel safe in all driving conditions. - Gary Chian...  Read More
Category: Tyres and Rims