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Best Tyre ever. Timed my Tyre change to wait for the stock arrive. Best decision waiting for 5 - Angeline Pang, Owner of BMW 216d Activ...  Read More
Category: Tyres and Rims
Easy-to-use dashcam with straight-forward user interface in the mobile app. Thanks. - Winston, Owner of Opel Crossland SGA71--A  Read More
Category: Car Accessories
Installation is very fast. Design is nice, clear and not very big. Price is not expensive. - Norman Liaw, Owner of Honda HR-V SLH43--K  Read More
Category: Car Accessories
Video quality is good and clear. Apps is user friendly. Value for money - Joe, Owner of BMW X1 SCK28--P  Read More
Category: Car Accessories
Less than 3months in it starts making a knocking noise every time i brake and also a thud everytime i turned near full lock. The adjus...  Read More
I like the Blackvue DR590X-CH sleek design. I am very impressed with its very high quality recording using the Sony camera sensor. It i...  Read More
Category: Car Accessories