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The pint-sized EV named the FireFly Sport combines supercar design cues with state of the art chassis engineering to inspire younger drivers about road safety.

17 Aug 2022 | International News : U.K.

The all-electric Firefly Sport from Young Driver Motor Cars' aims to fuel children's interest in cars and driving from an early age while educating them about road safety. The company also wants to spread the good word of how beneficial electric vehicles for our environment.

Young Driver Motor Cars is a sister company to Young Driver, the world's largest under 17 driving school. Young Driver Motor Cars will start production of the Firefly Sport model this month.

Despite the car's dinky proportions, adults drivers can join in the fun too
The 2,100mm-long car, which can accommodate children aged four to 10-years old (and even adult drivers) will use only U.K. sourced components for series build cars - including their batteries and electric motors - making the Firefly Sport the country's first all-British EV.

Despite its mini-me looks, the Firefly Sport packs state of the art engineering such as an aluminium chassis with fully independent suspension and rack and pinion steering. This will offer young drivers an authentic taste of how a road car looks, handles and performs.

Some big names in the industry have even been involved in the development of the FireFly, with Steve Rawson formerly of Aston Martin being responsible for the car's production engineering. Ex-JLR and MG engineer, Dr. Ian Pogson on the other hand was in charge of its highly adaptable powertrain. Lastly, Puremedium design, a tier one automotive agency was in charge of creating the Firefly's exotic looking body.

Class leading battery tech features here in the form of recyclable 12V batteries which power twin 24V electric motors 
The Firefly Sport even makes use of two class leading, cleverly packaged and recyclable 12V batteries, powering twin 24V electric motors. Maximum speeds will vary depending on the gearbox optioned, but will range from 40kp/h down to 11kp/h for the youngest drivers. A safety feature in the form of a remote cut off facility with a 200m range will come with the cars.

On the interior of the open topped two seater, drivers are presented with a digital instrument pack that can be personalised on start up with the user's name and photograph. There are three instruments, a speedometer, clock and range indicator. Also included are a reversing camera and pilot lights for indicators, head lights/tail lights etc.

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