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An expanded selection of jackets, gilets, sweatshirts and hoodies, are now all available from the Maybach Icons of Luxury line.

30 Jan 2023 | International News : Germany

Mercedes-Maybach has revealed its new clothing collection from its 'Maybach Icons of Luxury' line.

The new collection is said to feature progressive designs, designed for a younger and fashion-consciuos audience. The collection utilises a classic Maybach Icons of Luxury colour palette, which features strong orange shade among more classic hues.

The line also features generously-sized embroidered logos, presented in a tone-in-tone look. Silver and gold coloured Maybach elements are also used to accentuate the branding and are also integrated into the core design of the line, alongside the use of high-end metal trims.

The new line comprises a wide selection of jackets for cold weather and between-seasons wear, available in unisex, as well as men's, and women's designs. A variety of gilets, sweatshirts and hoodies are also offered, and selected items will be available in a range of colourways. The collection is now available in Maybach Boutiques, exclusive Maybach partner stores and via Maybach's online store here.

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