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Shimano Singapore continues its long-standing relationship with Skoda with the purchase of a new Octavia Combi.

31 Mar 2023 | Local News : Singapore

Skoda and cycling go back a long way. Indeed, the company was founded as a bicycle manufacturer, before moving into making cars. And since then, Skoda has continued to be deeply intertwined with the world of cycling - the brand has been the Tour de France's official car supplier and partner since 2004. 

It is perhaps unsurprising that Shimano Singapore, this year marking 50 years of bicycle component manufacturing in Singapore, has continued its relationship with Skoda with the purchase of a new Octavia Combi

The roof rack is specifically fabricated to fit the Octavia Combi
One reason the Octavia Combi is the car of choice is due to the bike rack, which can fit up to six road bikes. As Aaron Wong, Manager, Marketing and Customer Service (Bike), Shimano (Singapore) Pte Ltd tells us, the rack is custom fabricated specifcally to fit the dimensions of the Octavia Combi - it is the same rack system used in many of Shimano's other markets as well, especially in Europe.

This even goes back to the company's previous car (also an Octavia Combi). "We bought our first Skoda in 2012. It was just after the London Olympics; when we reached out to our colleagues in Europe, they're like, oh, we have these racks that were used in the London Olympics. We'll send them to you."

With up to 1,700 litres of hauling space, the Combi is well-suited to Shimano's needs
The relevance of the car (and bike rack) is that the brand is involved in many cycling events, often as the neutral support vehicle. When any cyclist faces issues, like a mechanical problem or puncture, quick repairs can be done. Unsurprisingly, the large hauling capcaity of the Combi becomes very handy to carry all the necessary tools and spares.

"On top of the sharper design and high-tech interior, what we like about the new car is the mild hybrid engine, which makes it more efficient, as well as all the safety and assistance systems, all of which adds to the overall convenience and functionality of the car," Aaron tells us. 

Why not an SUV, though? Well, it's really a matter of height (there are bicycles mounted on the roof, after all). "During a race, you sometimes have just five seconds to change the bike, so the rider doesnt lose too much time. An SUV would just be too high to quickly reach and access the spare bikes/tyres. Therefore, this wagon bodystyle is much more ideal."

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