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Moving no longer has to be a headache with Exped Moving Services, a company that prides itself on delivering a timely, customer-oriented experience.

15 Mar 2019

Despite carmakers constantly increasing the sizes of their cars and tirelessly engineering them with clever storage solutions, such as Honda's Magic Seats, there are limitations to how much stuff you can cramp in a car, no matter how big it is. And this is a problem especially for those who are moving, whether to a new home or office.

Exped pays great attention to detail to all items
To save costs, some of us borrow company vans but without proper knowledge on how to pack and transport items safely, things can go quite wrong.

But even when you decide to hire a mover, there are problems that can present themselves, such as movers that don't operate around the clock, movers who break stuff in the process and shrug off all responsibility, and movers who don't assist with packing and unpacking.

Given the long working hours most of us Singaporeans face, it's also common to prefer moving after office hours, as well as on weekends and public holidays, so as not to waste annual leave. However few movers offer a 24/7, seven-days-a-week service.

Expediting with Exped

Understanding these problems, 30-year old Sean Chia set about starting up Exped Moving Services in 2018, a 24/7 full-service moving and storage company. 

Exped will unpack and put back all items in the original positions they have been in
Exped offers services from packing, dismantling to moving, disposal of your unwanted items, and storage for the contents of your home, your office, your warehouse, your manufacturing facility, and your trade shows.

If you've got spare car parts to put away, you can even store it with them for however long you wish.

Exped a total peace of mind

Having spent 12 years in the moving business, the soft-spoken veteran has heard just about every complaint possible and has tailored Exped to not just be the most reliable company around, but also one that is highly customer-oriented and ever-willing to go the extra mile.

"In the 12 years that I've been in this business, I've seen many movers who aren't careful with their clients' items, and tend to rush just to finish the job as quickly as possible. Some even charge the client hidden costs and I want Exped to be different. More than just a service, we want to build relationships with our customers," says Mr. Chia

Its hiring process is strict, as Mr. Chia only wants honest and reliable staff to handle his customer's items. More importantly, with its packing and unpacking service, customers will find their items put back neatly in their exact positions as before.

Exped also has lucky draws, ang pow and voucher giveaways for its customers on special occasions
And while many movers tend to avoid responsibility for broken items, Exped will compensate 10% of the moving cost per item if uninsured and not repairable, although terms and conditions apply. For clients who want insurance coverage for their items, Exped will assist to apply accordingly.

Some of the terms and conditions include the client making the necessary arrangements with the building management for loading and unloading.

To engage their services, the process is simple. Just call the company for a quotation, place a deposit and arrange for the date of moving. Your deposit will be returned once the job is done.

But as the company is constantly swamped with jobs, Mr. Chia advises that customers make an appointment at least a week or two in advance, and acceptance is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Prices for its services begin from $50, for items like a cabinet or a washing machine, and increase according to size, time and day; prices increase slightly after office hours and on public holidays.

So for a total peace of mind the next time you need anything moved or stored, give Exped a call at 8866 7936. The company is located at 2 Jln Rajah, #07-18 Golden Wall Flatted Factory, Singapore (329134). For reviews on its services, you can also check out its Facebook page.

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