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The latest receiver from Pioneer is unlike any other - it incorporates an 8.0-inch Android tablet that can be detached, as well as premium audio components.

01 Apr 2020

Not too long ago, Bluetooth and USB connectivity are technologies that can only be found on high-end in-car entertainment systems. These days, such technologies are found in almost every new car as well as even the most basic of aftermarket receivers. While technology in general has been progressing at an incredibly rapid pace, in-car entertainment systems have always been a step or two behind, until now - Pioneer's latest Smart Unit Receiver brings in-car entertainment up to a whole new level.

The Smart Unit Receiver (SDA-835TAB / SPH-T20BT) has all the functions we've come to expect from car audio receivers, combined with features you would normally find on your high-tech smartphones into one seamless package for today's smart drivers.

Access all your favourite apps on the road

Love all the apps on your smartphone? Well, you'll love the SDA-835TAB as well!
The Pioneer 8.0-inch detachable tablet, SDA-835TAB is powered by a genuine Android Pie 9.0 OS. As an officially certified android system, you can to download a huge variety of apps from the pre-installed Google Play store to fit your needs.

With an 8.0-inch display, navigating to your destination is a breeze with your favourite navigation app - whether you prefer the built-in Google Maps, or other popular choices such as Waze. As an in-car entertainment system, the Smart Unit Receiver unsurprisingly does entertainment really well - streaming the latest music from Spotify is as easy as using your smartphone. If you prefer listening to radio broadcasts, you will have the additional option of internet radio, apart from the usual FM radio functionality found on most audio receivers.

Equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can simply connect the receiver to your smartphone's network for internet access. You can keep your passengers entertained on long road trips with video streaming apps such as Netflix and Youtube, which allows you to enjoy movies and videos in your car. Surfing the web, checking of email or even the editing of documents can all be done- the Smart Unit Receiver can achieve almost anything your smartphone does (with the appropriate apps installed).

Specially designed and built for in-car entertainment

Specially designed for in-car use, the Smart Unit Receiver can be installed in any car with the standard 2-DIN slot
Being an established in-car entertainment specialist Pioneer is familiar with the requirements of an automotive audio system. As such, the Smart Unit Receiver is specially built with quality materials to withstand the high-temperature and high vibrations environment in cars to achieve reliable performance.

Being an Android-based system, the Smart Unit Receiver is built-in with the Google Assistant feature, an artificial intelligence powered virtual assistant developed by Google (much like Apple's Siri). The Google Assistant allows you to operate various features through voice recognition. The Pioneer Smart Sync app included also has features such as Messages Read-Out and Voice Recognition to offer increased hands-free functionality - perfect when you are driving along.

Using its experience in the automotive industry, Pioneer designed a package that will fit in most cars that has a 2-DIN slot, complete with a quality 8.0-inch tablet which is of the optimal size for in car usage. Operating the tablet when on the go is made easy thanks to the large display, apart from merely being an in-car entertainment device, it also connects to rear cameras as well as parking sensors to aid in challenging parking situations. Of course, must-have features such as Bluetooth connectivity as well as 3.5mm AUX input, the mainstays of automotive audio systems are also available so you can have the option of playing music from your phone as well as answering calls with ease.

Uncompromised audio quality

Can't live without your high-quality lossless FLAC audio files? Store them in a USB drive and enjoy them in your car!
As useful as feature-packed audio receivers are, their main purpose is still to provide clear, quality sound, and with Pioneer's products, you simply won’t go wrong. The Smart Unit Receiver (SDA-835TAB / SPH-T20BT) utilises the same high quality audio components that give Pioneer's range of audio receivers its famed sound quality.

For audiophiles who yearn for the highest quality in audio, you will be glad to know that the Smart Unit Receiver is capable of playing FLAC lossless audio files. You can also install your favourite music player apps to have even more control over audio output as well as the ability to play all sorts of media files.

Also included is the Pioneer's Advanced Sound Retriever technology which is able to 'upscale' compressed audio files such as MP3 files, to sound quality that comes close to CDs. On top of that it also comes with a 13-band equaliser that allows fine tuning of audio. Other functions important to audiophiles who want the most out of their in-car entertainment system, such as slope adjustments, time alignment, auto EQ as well as high voltage preouts are available as well.

Maximised entertainment and productivity from the car and beyond

The SDA-835TAB can be detached from the car and operated independently - maximum versatility!
Pioneer's Smart Unit Receiver consists of a Smart Receiver unit (SPH-T20BT) and an 8.0-inch detachable tablet (SDA-835TAB). This means that unlike other offerings in the market, the tablet can be detached at the press of a button and operated independently whether inside, or out of the car.

This opens up a whole lot of probabilities - typing on a screen that is affixed to the dashboard can be quite a handful, with a detachable tablet, entering addresses when looking up locations, or typing to search for information on the web is much easier. Passengers seated at the rear of the car can also use the tablet as well.

The Pioneer Smart Unit Receiver (SDA-835TAB / SPH-T20BT) serves as a feature-packed in-car entertainment system when you are driving, outside of the car, it is a fully-functional Android tablet that you can use to take photos, check and reply emails, watch videos, conduct video conference calls, as well as many other functions.

The Pioneer Smart Unit Receiver (SDA-835TAB / SPH-T20BT) is now available at Pioneer's authorised dealers. The retail price of the Smart Unit Receiver is $898 as a set, the 8.0-inch Detachable Tablet (SDA-835TAB) and Smart Receiver (SPH-T20BT) can also be purchased separately at $499 and $399 respectively. The Smart Unit Receiver also comes with one-year warranty, with one-to-one exchange for the tablet.

To find out more about the Smart Unit Receiver, you can visit the Pioneer Car Entertainment website here. You can also find your nearest store here.
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Pioneer SDA-835TAB

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8-inch AV receiver that is easy to attach and detach use inside the car as a tablet, or bring along anywhere outside of the car.

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