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What are some of the devices available in the market that can remove blindspots? We explore some available options, like mirrors, cameras and sensors.

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Blind spots refer to the area of the road that cannot be seen while looking forward or through either the rear-view or side mirrors of a vehicle. Currently, there are many devices which aid you in checking your blind spot available in the automobile accessories market.

Below are some examples of devices which help to either remove blind spots or to detect objects hidden in the blind spots.

Blind Spot Mirrors

Apart from the correct adjustment of the rear-view and side mirrors, there are many additional mirrors you can add on to the existing ones. These are called blind spot mirrors. They can either be attached to the existing side mirrors or to the back of the vehicle, wherever there is a need for it to be.

These blind spot mirrors are normally made of convex lens, so that a wider field of vision can be obtained. By attaching them to the side mirrors, blind spots such as the rear sides of the vehicle can be seen. A wider view of the rear detects any approaching vehicles during lane changes.

Other blind spot mirrors can be placed at the back of vehicles. These are used to detect any object which are hidden at the rear of the vehicle.

Due to the height of the vehicle, for instance MPVs and vans, rear-view mirrors will not be able to capture objects hidden behind the vehicle if they are too low.
Depending on the preference of the driver, he can place the blind spot mirrors wherever he chooses, as long as the side mirrors retain its functionality. Remember that the blind spot mirror is an enhancement, not a replacement.

Left, right, above or below, it does not matter. As long as they do not obstruct the usage of the side mirrors.

Modification of side and rear-view mirrors

Many new car manufacturers do modifications to the mirrors. For example, the conventional side mirrors are replaced by aspheric mirrors. These aspheric mirrors enable a wider field of vision due to their convex nature.

An extension to the rear-view mirror can be added to allow for a more complete back view. Such additions and modifications can be easily found in the market at low prices.

Reverse cameras and sensors

Reverse cameras and sensors are becoming increasingly common in new vehicles. These devices help to detect the presence of objects behind the vehicle which cannot be detected by the rear-view mirror. These devices are especially useful when you are reversing or parking.

The reverse sensors will activate an alarm which will warn you if the vehicle is too close to an object while reversing. Using the reverse camera, you can have a clear view of what is happening behind your vehicle without having to turn your head.

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