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Toyota Corolla Altis
Much Improved Altis
The new Altis is a marked improvement over the previous couple of generations. The design is certainly sportier, especially the front fascia and of course it features LED headlights with accompanying DRLs now. The doors close solidly with a thud, not the 'tin can' sound of the older versions anymore. Inside, the interior is a departure from the previous staid, uninspiring designs of old, with higher quality materials being used and a much more pleasing dashboard design. Rear Legroom is good too. It is very quiet when driving the car, and the new 7 speed CVT functions very much like a traditional AT and it is very smooth with imperceptible gear changes, although it does not come with paddle shifters, so manual gear shifting is restricted to the gear lever. The steering is light and accurate, and body roll in corners has been reduced, with the car feeling more planted than before. Acceleration is decent as well, with the responsive engine and gearbox working well together.
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Merchant Reviews (10)
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S M Spray Painting
Have gone to them twice already, the last time just this week. So far, have been very satisfied with the speed and quality of their spray painting. Liaised with Ah Keong both times, and found him to be very service oriented and helpful. Will certainly come back in future for any spray painting jobs and recommend them to my friends!
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Yi Xuan e-Trading
Bought engine oil and filter plus brake pads from them. Very fast and prompt replies and products were ready on the same day. Prices are very reasonable as well. Highly Recommended!
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Kenny Wheel Alignment
Friendly staff and knowledgeable boss who is experienced and will give you a detailed explanation on your car. Solved my steering leaning towards the right problem and now the steering is functioning perfectly.
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Galleria House
Purchased a dual coupon decal holder and windscreen sunshade sticker. Good, friendly service from Carol and items exactly as described. Reasonable pricing as well. Thumbs Up!
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Sin Hwee Motor Pte Ltd
Friendly and honest staff. Khim explained clearly to me what the charges were and the different checks to be carried out, consulted me on my preferred engine oil and waited for my agreement before servicing my car. He asked me whether I could come back 2 hours later but when I said I was in a hurry, he replied without hesitation that he would service my car first. Went for kopi and came back about 30 mins later, half expecting that they might not have started. To my delight, all was done and he was already shining my tyres! I was told that only my engine oil was changed as the other parts were all still working well. Car felt very smooth and responsive. Can tell that is a workshop that strives to do things right, and not just out to earn a fast buck. Two thumbs up!
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Hanip Automobiles Pte Ltd
Hanip did a thorough check for my car when I brought my car to him due to a noise problem I had initially. He actually identified another issue which I was unaware of and was undetected by previous workshops. Did not charge me a single cent for the check. When I went back to rectify the problem, Hanip went all the way to Tuas to search for a bolt for my car that he said was compulsory otherwise it would be too dangerous to drive my car. As he could not find the bolt, he ordered one for me but it would only be ready the next day. As such, he insisted that I leave the car with him as he told me firmly there was no way he would let me drive home the car without it being safe. After picking up my car, there was indeed a great difference due to him rectifying many faults that had been undiscovered previously. Fast, responsive service with great honesty included. Hanip and his team clearly know their stuff and I am100% assured leaving my car in his hands. 2 thumbs up! Will definitely be back again!
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Arrow Tyres Pte Ltd
Just changed my rims with them today. Price wise they are very reasonable considering the rims are brand new and they offset the price with my old rims. Actually only intended to walk in and take a look at the rims, but Ah Bao attended to me with an extremely friendly attitude the minute I stepped into the shop, and 20 mins later, I was already ready to change my rims. No hard sell, just the friendly service and good price convinced me to buy from them. Everything was done quickly and Ah Bao attended to me throughout as i was waiting. Left feeling very satisfied with my new rims and will certainly return again.
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DFM Pte Ltd
I only changed my number plate with them, but I saw them doing up the stickers for a few cars while I was there. They seem very experienced and skillful in doing the car stickers and I would certainly go to them if I ever want to do up my car. Pricing wise, I would say they are average but service and workmanship is good.
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Nightz Concepts
The place to go to do up lighting for your car. They are able to do many different patterns of lighting depending on what you are looking for. The boss, Dave is a friendly guy who you can chat with and discuss about what you want to install for your car. He will provide useful suggestions and ideas and help you to customise if you have special designs in mind. The staff there are well trained in terms of installing lighting and they were able to do up my car quite quickly. Price wise is quite reasonable and workmanship is good. Lighted Scuff plates, DRL, Cabin Light, Legroom Light and Undercarriage Light etc are all available.
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Advance Auto Sound Pte Ltd
Just installed the KT 6201 DVD touchscreen player with reverse camera. Very satisfied with the player and also the service of the staff. The boss Ah Soon, is a very friendly and honest man who will give you the best advice for your car rather than just trying to earn your money. He answered all my queries patiently. Also, the price quoted for the player is the cheapest that I managed to find out there. There are no hidden charges, everything is included for the price quoted, unlike other shops where they quote you a very attractive price, but not including all the features such as GPS, installation fee etc which will actually add on a lot more to the final price. Although it is a made in China player, everything works well and so far I am very happy with it. The boss even got his staff to help me drill and tighten a couple of loose screws in my boot when installing the reverse camera without charging me extra. He also reminded me to call them up to check for updates to the GPS maps next month. Everything was installed in less than an hour and the staff were competent and friendly as well. I left as a very satisfied customer and highly recommend this shop to those who are looking to change their CD/DVD players.
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Product Reviews (2)
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CW 1:100 Classic Windshield Cleaner
I thought that using this compared to using water as a windshield cleaner would not be any different, but I was proven wrong. This cleaning solution makes my windscreen look significantly cleaner than just using water and gives me better visibility as a result. Definitely worth a try!
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Goodyear Eagle EfficientGrip
It is a a good comfort tyre which is quiet and provides good grip in both wet and dry weather. Can consider this if you are looking to cruise in comfort mostly rather than racing.
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