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Equipped with a Sony Exmor sensor, Transcend's new DrivePro 230 dashcam captures high-resolution images with extremely fine tonal gradation even in low light.

18 Jun 2017 | Local News : Singapore

Transcend Information Inc., a leading manufacturer of storage and multimedia products, is proud to announce the introduction of the DrivePro 230 dashcam. Transcend's DrivePro 230 features a Sony Exmor sensor that captures high-resolution images with superb, rich colour even in low light. Built-in Wide Dynamic Range technology balances the brightest and dimmest areas of captured images, ensuring that every critical shot is as clear as possible.

Night or day, the camera can clearly record details such as licence plate numbers at 30FPS at 1080p full HD. Transcend's DrivePro 230 also comes equipped with a Lane Departure Warning System, which checks for, and alerts a driver to, sudden changes in speed and lane. The Forward Collision Warning System warns a driver when the driving speed exceeds a preset value, such that the vehicle is getting too close to the car ahead. The system will in either case alert the driver with a warning sound and an on-screen alert.

When the DrivePro detects poor lighting conditions, the Headlight Reminder will be activated. To help prevent tired drivers from getting into an accident, the Driver Fatigue Alert regularly reminds a driver of the need to rest after driving for a preset, driver-determined period of time. Among the device's other features are a GPS receiver, a G-sensor, a high-capacity Li-polymer battery, a convenient snapshot button, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The DrivePro 230 dashcam is backed by Transcend's two-year limited warranty.
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