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As part of the year-long NS50 campaign, all national servicemen can travel free on public buses and trains on 30th June.

19 Jun 2017 | Local News : Singapore

All National Servicemen (NSmen) can travel for free on public buses and trains on 30th June if they don their uniforms, as part of the year-long NS50 campaign.

Past and present NSmen can ride free as long as they are in uniform
Calling it the 'NS50 Free Travel Day', the gesture is meant to thank NSmen for their contributions, said SMRT, SBS Transit, Tower Transit and Go-Ahead Singapore in a joint statement on Monday (19th June). SMRT's President and Group Chief Executive Officer Desmond Kuek said, "As we celebrate NS50, free travel on 30th June will provide a boost to NS50 activities held across Singapore."

Past and present NSmen can ride for free so long as they are wearing their uniforms - the No. 3 or No. 4 uniforms for the Singapore Armed Forces servicemen and duty uniforms for Singapore Police Force and the Singapore Civil Defence Force servicemen - for verification purposes.

The free travel period only applies for services operated by the four public transport firms. It starts from the first bus and train service from 30th June and ends with the last service that day, including Nite Owl and NightRider services, said the statement.

With public transport operators already prioritising security of commuters and transport facilities, they can 'fully appreciate the even bigger responsibility' to national security by NSmen, said Tower Transit Group Chief Executive Adam Leishman. Managing Director of Go-Ahead Singapore David Cutts added, "We express our appreciation towards both past and present national servicemen for their invaluable contributions to the country and nation-building. This gesture of providing them complimentary travel on our bus services is a small token of our thanks."
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