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Mitsubishi Motors will be celebrating its 100th anniversary with its Centenary Tour, which will see 50 interesting heritage vehicles, in the U.K.

03 Aug 2017 | International News : U.K.

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the production of the first Mitsubishi vehicle, the Model A, Mitsubishi Motors in the U.K. is pleased to announce the running of its Centenary Tour, an exclusive event for Mitsubishis that will take place on Saturday, 30th September. Applications for entry are now invited from owners of U.K.-specification Mitsubishis that were registered before 2007. Owners of 50 of the most interesting and well-presented heritage vehicles will be invited to participate in this special event.

The Mitsubishi Motors Centenary Tour starts from the company's U.K. headquarters in Cirencester, where cars will line up outside the company's office complex whilst drivers and co-drivers sign on and enjoy breakfast. The first car will be flagged away at 9:30am and embark on the day's 145km route that takes entrants through Gloucestershire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire on a variety of roads that have been carefully selected for their spectacular scenery and driving appeal.

The tour culminates at the oldest operational motorsport venue in the world - the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb. A late lunch will be served in the historic venue's charming cafe-restaurant before participants will be offered the rare opportunity to take two runs up this famous 914m course that has hosted motorsport events since 1905. As well as the 50 Mitsubishis selected to represent the spirit of the event, a collection of vehicles from the Mitsubishi Motors in the U.K. heritage fleet driven by invited guests, journalists and company directors will also take part in the tour.
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