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Goodyear has announced that it is equipping Tesloop, a city-to-city mobility service, with wireless sensors in its tyres to improve overall tyre management.

12 Oct 2017 | International News : U.S.A

A long-time leader in tyre management for racing, trucking and aircraft fleets, Goodyear is now applying its expertise to a fleet of semi-autonomous electric cars. The company has announced that it is equipping Tesloop, a city-to-city mobility service that exclusively uses Tesla electric vehicles, with wireless sensors in its tyres to improve overall tyre management and maximize uptime for its growing fleet.

Goodyear is equipping Tesloop's fleet of Tesla electirc vehicles with wireless sensors to improve tyre management
"We want to build the future, not just observe or read about it," said Chris Helsel, Goodyear's Chief Technology Officer. "As the new mobility ecosystem continues to take shape, we are taking steps to match the pace of technical change in the transportation industry and develop tyre innovations that meet the intelligence of the vehicles riding on them."

The wireless sensors continuously measure and record tyre temperature and pressure, which is paired with other vehicle data and connected to Goodyear's cloud-based proprietary algorithms to enhance overall fleet operations and predict when the tyres need service or replacement. As part of the program with Tesloop, Goodyear is also extending its mobile fleet solutions to passenger vehicles, providing tyre maintenance and repair while Tesloop vehicles are at charging stations, during regularly planned downtime.

"When you are operating cars nearly 24/7/365, minimising tyre incidents is critical to the customer experience and the business model," said Rahul Sonnad, Tesloop's Chief Executive Officer. "The possibilities for data-driven tyre diagnostics are remarkable and promise to help a business like Tesloop operate more efficiently and make our vehicles the safest on the road."

Tesloop operates a fleet of Teslas that average up to 27,000km per vehicle, per month. Its highest mileage vehicle, a Tesla Model S in operation since 2015, recently exceeded 480,000km. Goodyear has been working with Tesloop since January 2017 to study the effect of autonomous technologies on tyres.

Goodyear's effort with Tesloop builds on its successful commercialisation of Goodyear Proactive Solutions for truck fleets, using advanced telematics and predictive analytics technology to allow fleet operators to optimise fuel efficiency and precisely identify and resolve tyre-related issues before they happen. In addition to its fleet management offerings, Goodyear is also working with automakers to provide tyre information to vehicle control systems to enhance safety and performance.

Helsel added, "Goodyear is breaking new ground with the combination of fleet management expertise, intelligent products, and a vast service network to deliver complete solutions for the future of mobility."
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