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Honda is recalling 205 Honda Civic Hybrid cars in Singapore due to a defective chip in the car's hybrid system that can cause cars to stall

05 Mar 2011 | Local News : Singapore

The recall was part of a global exercise by Honda, which announced that up to 53,000 cars worldwide could be affected. Honda states that the problem lies with the DC-to-DC converter, a component of the Integrated Motor Assist hybrid control system, which may experience an internal failure that could lead to engine stalling and malfunction of vehicle headlights.

The local recall affects about 205 cars sold in 2006 by local Honda dealer Kah Motors, and does not include cars sold by parallel importers. Kah Motors will notify owners of affected vehicles immediately and notify them as to when replacement parts will arrive. The repairs are expected to take about an hour.

Should owners encounter engine stalling or are unable to start their vehicles, or have any enquiries about the recall exercise, they are advised to call Kah Motor's service hotline at 68413838.
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