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Apple's Steve Jobs' passing is still dearly missed, so much so that he is turning up in unexpected places, like a Honda scooter ad.

19 Mar 2012 | International News : China

For all his great visions and creations, the passing of Apple's Steve Jobs was a tough one to bear for many and his legacy lives on in their hearts.  Jobs is dearly missed as this following commercial would tell you so.

Apparently an advertisement for the new Honda SCR 110 scooter, it unexpectedly shows a man donned in black turtleneck and a design theme reminiscent of the late Jobs. To add to the string of 'unexpected', this commercial is actually done in China. Given their craze for Apple products, it's not hard to imagine why the advertisers had employed such a marketing stunt.

Lookalike or desperate attempt to emulate Steve Jobs? You be the judge.
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