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07 Mar 2013 | Local News : Singapore

Go-kart fans have something to look forward to. A temporary karting track will be built at the site of the proposed Changi Motorsports Hub.

The first and only permanent karting facility in Singapore is the Kartright Speedway in Tuas
A new international standard karting facility will be built on the same site as the ill-fated Changi Motorsports Hub, which was aborted last year when the developers ran out of money.

However, the track will not be permanent. A seven month temporary occupation licence until October - including one month for setting it up and tearing it down - was issued to the operators.

The Singapore Sports Council (SSC) clarified yesterday that the new track would occupy only 6.35ha of the original 41ha site set aside for the hub.

The new track will be about 1.1km in length, and can be configured in six different ways, such that two separate karting activities can be held simultaneously.

In a statement, the SSC said, "SSC would like to reassure all potential investors that this interim use of the land at Changi is apart from, and does not have any influence on, the final decision made by SSC with regard to the long-term plans for the site." The council added that it will make a decision on whether to proceed with an open tender within the next two months.
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