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The Bridgestone Assurance guarantees tyre authenticity, performance and quality without any compromises - giving consumers a peace of mind.

10 Feb 2015

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There is a little grey area in the grey market, which is also known as the parallel import market. In this market, legal non-counterfeit goods are traded through distribution channels, and are used in other markets due to the difference in road types and conditions.

Consumers can easily register their warranty online, even on the move
These grey products do not differ particularly from an authorised product - they look and function identically. Parallel imports exist in many industries and the tyre business is one of the most common.

Considering that safety is one of Bridgestone's priorities, it is concerned that despite being identical to parallel imported tyres, its tyres are usually built with specific compounds to cater to the roads, which the tyres are being used on. Thus, to ensure maximum safety and functionality from the tyres that consumers purchase, Bridgestone is rolling out the Bridgestone Assurance program.

Bridgestone Assurance (See the infographic on Page 2 for more information)

Before purchasing a Bridgestone tyre from an Authorised Bridgestone Dealer, consumers need to look out for a sticker attached to the tyre. On this sticker, consumers will find a bar code and a serial number that is unique to every tyre. To register their new tyres for warranty, consumers can simply visit the website and submit the unique serial number online.

Bridgestone Assurance and its associated warranty do not apply to tyres without the said sticker, as these tyres could be meant for another country.

Advantages of Bridgestone Assurance

All Bridgestone tyres sold in Singapore have been specially developed to cater to the local market - making them suitable for roads and climate conditions here. On the other hand, tyres that are developed for a different region or country have different performance and wear characteristics, which could lead to compromised ride quality, handling performance or even wear life - ultimately endangering the safety of consumers.

All authorised Bridgestone tyres are kept in proper storage facilities until the consumer receives them
In addition, authorised Bridgestone tyres are handled with strict procedures and are professionally managed once they are shipped out - unlike parallel imported tyres that may be a few years old by the time they arrive or may have been stored in unfavourable conditions.

Improper handling or storage of tyres can result in scuffed or damaged sidewalls, warped casing or even bent inner steel belts. These tyres cannot be sold or used as they carry a great risk to safety.

At the same time, every authorised Bridgestone tyre purchased from an Authorised Bridgestone Dealer comes with a comprehensive five-year warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of manufacture. This warranty allows the dealer to check for any signs of imperfection as soon as fresh stock arrives. As a result, an extra layer of quality control is guaranteed before the tyres reach consumers.

With these seals of authentication, excellence and quality in place, there's really not much of a grey area at all.

In view of the SG50 celebrations this year, Bridgestone Tyre Sales Singapore Pte Ltd is having a promotion for its tyres. Purchase a minimum of four Bridgestone tyres in a single invoice from an Authorised and Participating Bridgestone Dealer to get an instant $50 off. Next, register the warranty online to enter a monthly draw to win a pair of 'The Great World Cabaret' stand-up comedy tickets. In total, 50 pairs of tickets will be given out. Promotion ends 22nd February 2015.
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