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With its highly trained and experienced staff, Motor Edgevantage is a premier workshop that offers a credible alternative for European-made car owners.

11 Feb 2016

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Owning a car in Singapore can be a tricky proposition. With most Authorised Dealers (AD) offering warranty periods of three years for new cars purchased from them, essentially a third of the car's typical lifespan is already taken care of. And that offers a peace of mind for drivers. However, what happens in the subsequent years when problems start to manifest in the car?

The workshop specialises in European makes such as Volvo and Jaguar
For most drivers, it comes down to a choice between returning to the AD, and having to pay an understandably more expensive fee, or seeking out a car workshop that offers repair and maintenance services at more affordable prices. With the plethora of car workshops in Singapore, it is probably fair to say that most drivers will have their pick of workshops.

However, owning a premium car in Singapore, such as a Porsche or Jaguar for example, can be a lot more restrictive. Be it regular maintenance for the car, or servicing when issues do inevitably arise, it can be a lot more difficult for these car owners to seek out a credible alternative to the ADs.

While the more typical workshops working on largely Japanese and lower-end models are dime-a-dozen, it is noticeably more difficult to find a workshop that specialises in premium European-made models. Owners of notably more expensive cars can be understandably hesitant to send their car to workshop that they do not trust.

Of course, taking the car back to the AD is an option. With the ADs, customers have a greater assurance of quality workmanship and service, but this of course comes at a higher fee. Motor Edgevantage offers owners of such premium European-made models a credible alternative, offering quality service and comprehensive services at an affordable price.

Motor Edgevantage - The credible alternative

At Motor Edgevantage, what sets the workshop apart is the belief in quality all around. This begins with the quality of staff. All of the technicians at Motor Edgevantage are highly qualified and extensively trained, having spent an extensive amount of time working at the ADs. The look at the qualifications and past experience of each of the five-man team will likely surprise many, as they have each worked extensively with several of the premium brands and have specialised knowledge and experience.
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160 Sin Ming Drive #03-01/02 Sin Ming AutoCity S(575722) (map)

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8.30am - 6pm (Mon - Sat) Closed on Sun & PHs



64537683 / 88280068

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