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With an astonishing array of wheels, quality tyres and market-leading workmanship, South East Tyre Co is ready to tackle all your automotive footwork fancies.

12 Apr 2016

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Many of us often slap wheels and tyres onto our cars without proper research and advice. Unknowingly, we might be burning deeper holes in our pockets by running wheels and tyres of poorer quality and improper fitment.

A wall of wheels that will suit any taste and almost any car
Factory and 'original' wheels do cost more to own, but provide durability from road hazards, the ability to properly support the weight of the vehicle and its passengers, as well as proper fitment to ensure vehicles suspension and brake systems operate as designed and without vibrations.

Similarly, a poor choice of replacement rubber will haunt you every driving day. A bad choice of tyres will pulverise your neck, violate you with constant droning or whining, cause your beloved car to handle worse than a Reliant Robin, or scare you senseless when it pours.

If the aforementioned makes you want to upgrade your current wheels for a set of properly engineered and designed ones, South East Tyre Co. will have you covered.

Rich in experience and quality products

Since 1975, South East Tyre has been offering a vast range of tyres, rims, batteries and car accessories. From its very first branch located near Orchard Road, the company is now situated at Marine Parade, where it was the first Michelin Model shop, and Kaki Bukit, Singapore's first Bridgestone B-Select tyre service outlet. Together, that's 41 years of experience to date!

South East Tyre's wide product range of renowned and reliable brands of wheels will be able to suit your every need, be it performance, safety or style and over the years, many things might have changed but the company's emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction remains its top priority.
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10 Kaki Bukit Road 1 #01-20 Kb Industrial Building S(416175) (map)

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8.30am - 5.30pm (Mon - Sat) 9.30am - 11.30am (Sun)




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