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Enviro Energizer employs state-of-the-art technology to revitalise lead acid batteries, helping motorists to save batteries and the Earth.

10 Mar 2016

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Reduce, reuse, and recycle. This widely heard phrase is the key focal thrust of Singapore's integrated solid waste management system. These 3Rs play a crucial role by preventing waste generation at its source and bringing along many benefits.

As many as 36 batteries can be revitalised at one go
Driving this change in the local automotive industry is Enviro Energizer and its unique battery recovery service. As some of us may know, lead acid batteries that are widely used in cars, golf buggies, forklifts and trucks are prone to degradation of the inner battery plates.

Degradation can be due to shedding (wear and tear of the plates) or sulphation, which leads to an increase in pH levels and insufficient electricity that can be generated from the battery.

Sulphation is the most common ailment of a dead battery and a new replacement battery can be found easily. However, many do not know that lead acid batteries are classified as toxic industrial waste and improper disposal of them will lead to the pollution of lead oxide, which is deadly.

So as long as the dead battery is mechanically sound, it can actually be revitalised. If you have encountered one in your vehicle and you hope to save the Earth, the following battery recovery service could be a good discovery.

Enviro Energizer's Battery Recovery Service

Before the actual process, the bad cells of the battery need to be identified first. After profiling the condition of the battery, the recovery and charge process is accurately and specifically dispensed using the latest pulse charging technology.

This revolutionary computerised charging algorithm desulphates the batteries and effectively extends the battery life by up to five times. There is no need to dispose anything so the entire environmentally friendly process helps to reduce waste at the same time.
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