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Selling a big-ticket item such as a car can be a tricky and time-consuming process for the unfamiliar but we've found an easy, value-for-money way around it.

28 Sep 2017

It's human nature to want things done as quickly and easily as possible. But unless you're talking about making a cup of instant noodles, quickly and easily doesn't always seem like best way about. Take for instance, the processes and procedures involved with selling a big-ticket item like a car. Because cars in Singapore are stupidly expensive, we would normally spend a lot more time and effort ensuring that we get the best deals, problem-free.

Selling your car on your own to a direct buyer can be a time-consuming process involving sales enquiries and paperwork
Sure, there's always the option of selling your car to the nearest used car dealer you see, but from personal experience, dealers might offer you a price so low that you will reconsider your sale entirely.

None of us want to be short-changed, right? You can also try selling the car on your own by advertising on sgCarMart but as fun as direct selling is, it's sometimes tough to fully commit to the sale process due to our hectic schedules, notably the financial and ownership paperwork involved.

Worse, there's the chance of encountering 'askholes' and 'cheapos', and after a tiring day on the job, that's the last thing you'd want to deal with. Some recommend selling through consignment agents because finance and paperwork support is provided, but unless your consignment agent really goes the extra mile to get your car sold quickly and for a good price, there's the inevitable risk of a waiting game.

By this time, you must think I'm an extremely picky and difficult person, having shot down the quicker but lower paying option, as well as the slower but better paying ones. However, it is this difficult attitude of mine that lead me to finding out the perfect solution, and that's selling my car by means of a proven bidding system.

All cars on sgCarMart Quotz's bidding system go through a professional 188-point inspection
Bidding? Like in a classic car auction?

Very much so, except for the fact that there are many more bidders and you don't physically have to be present for the process. Sounds too good to be true? Not at all.

To help car owners who are looking to sell their cars maximise returns, sgCarMart Quotz, an online bidding platform, offers a unique service that puts used cars up for bidding.

To date, almost 600 used car dealers, exporters, car leasing and rental companies, as well as motor workshops are taking part in sgCarMart Quotz's bidding system.

This open bidding system is designed to obtain the highest price for your car in just one working day, with no obligation for you to accept the final bid. At the same time, the bidders will not know who else is competing against them, so there won't be instances of bidders collaborating to lower the price.

A subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings, sgCarMart Quotz is also the sole official vehicle auction platform for Government agencies such as the National Environment Agency.

With sgCarMart Quotz's service, car sellers enjoy a hassle-free experience with minimal paperwork
Sounds cool, how and where do I go about this?

The process is simple. You're only required to make an appointment with sgCarMart Quotz's staff for a professional 188-point inspection and photo taking of your car before the pictures and details are submitted for bidding at $38. And if you are too busy to make a trip down, there's also a doorstep service available at $50 more.

sgCarMart Quotz will obtain the highest selling price in one working day and your car will be transacted should you accept it. There will, however, be no obligation for you to accept the final bid. There is a Highest Price Guarantee that offers you $100 if you sell your car at a higher price.

There's also the convenience of a flexible handover date (within two weeks is advised) and minimal paperwork as all necessary documentation will be handled by the highest bidder.

From experience, the bids are expected to be about $3,000 to $5,000 more than what new car agents offer for trade-ins. So if you're sick of constantly thinking of a better, quicker way to sell your car and how to handle all the transactional paperwork, give sgCarMart Quotz a shot. All you'll have to do then is sit back, relax and begin hunting for your next car as I did.

sgCarMart Quotz is located at #07-06, Automobile Megamart, 61 Ubi Ave 2, Singapore (408898) and contactable at 6744 7571. You can also Whatsapp your enquiries to its staff at 9191 7571.

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*This article was updated on 6th March 2018.
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