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Honda and General Motors announce partnership to co-develop batteries
11 Jun 2018
Honda and General Motors have announced an agreement to jointly develop battery components, accelerating both companies' plans for all electric vehicles.
GM to manufacture self-driving vehicle
19 Mar 2018
General Motors has announced that it will take the next step towards the future with self-driving vehicle manufacturing in Michigan, U.S.A.
Ten automakers commit to automated emergency braking on all new cars
14 Sep 2015
Ten major vehicle manufacturers have committed to making automatic emergency braking (AEB) a standard feature on all new vehicles built.
500 million GM cars produced and 90th anniversary of Vauxhall ownership
06 May 2015
As General Motors celebrates a milestone of 500 million cars produced, it is also celebrating the 90th anniversary of owning the Vauxhall brand.
GM reopens regional headquarters in Singapore
06 Aug 2014
General Motors (GM) has once again re-established a regional headquarters in Singapore - a decade after relocating to Shanghai.
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The Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is GM's most powerful production car ever
09 Jun 2014
Nearly five months after its debut, the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 has now been certified as the most powerful production car from General Motors.
A journey through time with the Corvette
17 Jul 2013
Chevrolet recently marked the 60th anniversary of one of the Corvette. From its first model in 1953, the Corvette has evolved to an American icon.
General Motors and Honda to collaborate on next generation fuel cell tech
05 Jul 2013
General Motors and Honda have announced a long term master plan to co-develop next generation fuel cell system and hydrogen storage technologies.
Toyota is on track to reclaim top spot of world's biggest car maker
19 Dec 2012
Toyota seems to be on track to retrieve back the title of world's biggest car maker for 2012, as Volkswagen fights GM for second place.
Toyota sales exceeds General Motors and Volkwagen, aims to reclaim lost title
01 Aug 2012
After surpassing 200 million sales Toyota has overtaken General Motors and Volkswagen for the world's largest automaker title - for the first half of 2012.
GM reclaims world's biggest carmaker title as Toyota skids
21 Jan 2012
From its near demise back in 2008-2009, the resurgent General Motors have now overtaken Toyota to reclaim the title of world's biggest carmaker.
Volkswagen overtakes Toyota to be World's 2nd largest automaker
17 Jan 2012
Volkswagen has beaten Toyota to be the World's 2nd largest carmaker in terms of sales volume, clocking 8.16 million units for year 2011.
GM hits two million sales in China
24 Oct 2011
General Motors has passed the two million sales mark in China for the second year running, cementing its position as the leading carmaker in China
Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 gets uprated to 580bhp
11 Sep 2011
Chevrolet has uprated the power rating of the Camaro ZL1 before its official launch, to 580bhp, from 550bhp previously
GM becomes the world's biggest carmaker
08 Aug 2011
General Motors has overtaken Toyota to reclaim the title of the world's biggest carmaker, with Volkswagen slotting into second