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Five reasons why Lexus ES is up there with the best
19 Jun 2018
From its expressive good looks to its improved driving dynamics, the all new Lexus ES packs a lot of goodies to secure its position with the rest of the best.
Julian Kho in Nashville, U.S.A | 2,659 views | Features
Five worst car buyers you will ever meet
19 Jun 2018
Selling your car on your own shouldn't be overly stressful, but that's until you meet some of the worst car buyers around, such as these five types.
Editorial Team, Graphics by Design Team | 16,053 views | Features
Sheer driving pleasure at BMW Performance Fest Drive 2018
15 Jun 2018
How fast does a BMW M5 accelerate? How agile is a biggish BMW X3 in emergency situations? We find out at this year's BMW Performance Fest in Changi.
Idris Talib | 3,216 views | Features
Pioneer's flagship Z series delivers the best in terms of audio quality
14 Jun 2018
If you have an aftermarket head unit without a solid sound system, you're missing out because Pioneer's Z series speakers deliver the absolute best.
Anthony Lim, Photos by Pioneer | 2,815 views | Features
Skoda's long road to success
14 Jun 2018
Driving two half-century old Skoda cars presented the perfect opportunity to chart the brand's complicated history and burgeoning success.
Desmond Chan in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic | 3,206 views | Features
Five technologies for a smarter VW future
12 Jun 2018
The brand new VW Touareg features a wealth of innovative new technologies. We pick out five that will have important implications for the brand's future.
Desmond Chan | 2,812 views | Features
Heritage Auto covers all your vehicle needs
07 Jun 2018
With a substantial fleet of used cars, in-house financing services, as well as a rental and leasing arm, Heritage Auto has got all your vehicle needs covered.
Anthony Lim, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 4,528 views | Features
PPSL offers top-notch assurance and quality
07 Jun 2018
With stringent standards and thorough processes, PPSL offers you assurance and peace of mind on high-quality pre-owned cars.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 4,162 views | Features
MCF joins Volkswagen to explore the Golf range
05 Jun 2018
The MCF Hangout with Volkswagen gave MCF members an opportunity to check out the new generation Golf family, along with the rest of the VW lineup.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 6,960 views | Features
The Bridgestone Turanza T005A offers the sound of silence
01 Jun 2018
If you're considering a new set of tyres that will pamper both you and your car with calm and comfort, you might want to consider the Bridgestone Turanza T005A.
Nigel Yong, Photos by Randall Tan | 8,733 views | Features
Five ways Mercedes is embracing the future with the Concept EQ
15 May 2018
With the South East Asian debut of the Concept EQ, Mercedes-Benz shows us five ways in which it is embracing the future of mobility.
Anthony Lim in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | 13,902 views | Features
Merlin Motor - The workshop you can always depend on
10 May 2018
With its focus on quality services and building strong customer relationships, Merlin Motor is a workshop that you can always depend on.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 14,680 views | Features
X marks the spot: Brave adventures
10 May 2018
For those seeking new adventures in Singapore, we check out four places that will certainly test your courage and bravery!
Desmond Chan | 14,881 views | Features
Five marked improvements of the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class
08 May 2018
The all new Mercedes-Benz A-Class is easily the standard bearer of its class. Here are five of its improvements that make it so.
Nigel Yong in Split, Croatia | 20,434 views | Features
Transcend's DrivePro 130 lets you have more for less
07 May 2018
Get a whole lot more than what most basic dash cams offer without burning a hole in your pocket with the Transcend DrivePro 130.
Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 13,320 views | Features