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Kia K3 Reviews (5 listings)

Comparison - Kia Cerato K3 & Subaru Impreza & Toyota Corolla Altis 1.6
10 Apr 2017
The new Subaru Impreza is highly refined, more upmarket than before and is a stronger competitor than ever. We find out how it fares against two other Asian sedans.
Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 58,192 views | Subaru Reviews
Car Review - Kia Forte K3 1.6 SX (A)
05 Sep 2016
The Kia K3 could just be the perfect answer to segment leaders like the Toyota Altis and the Honda Civic.
Text and Photos by Julian Kho | 107,354 views | Kia Reviews
Comparison - Forte K3 1.6 (A) & Corolla Altis 1.6 (A) & Jetta 1.4 (A)
14 Feb 2014
The legendary Toyota Corolla Altis is back with its 11th installment, and we find out if it is still a 'class-leading act'.
Text by Nicholas Low, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 149,333 views | Toyota Reviews
Car Review - Kia Forte K3 1.6 (A)
19 Jul 2013
The third generation of Kia's mid-sized sedan makes a strong statement for a bigger slice of the pie.
Text by Regan Ong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 121,325 views | Kia Reviews
First Drive - Kia Forte K3 1.6 (A)
11 Mar 2013
With COE prices likely to head south, it's a good time to preview what is likely to be Kia's next best seller.
Text by Chew Chen Yang, Photos by Kia. Direct from Dubai, United Arab Emirates | 60,389 views | Kia Reviews